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So You Want to Write an Ezine, Or You Got Tired of It

Yes, it is work to keep up an ezine or newsletter. You need to constantly come up with new content – your own articles, other people’s articles, tools and sites of interest, new sales and products. You need a way to send it out, to delete bad addresses, to get past the spam filters – is it worth it? For some, yes – for others, no.

Maximize Site Visits With Bullets and Bolding

When people come to your site – they want to know immediately what is in it for them – how will they benefit? Use bulleting and bold text to tell them right away what they will find – will it help them afford that vacation they want? Will it stop their toilet from leaking and wasting water – thereby saving on the water bill? Will it give them confidence in having a beautiful acne-free face in time for prom?

Prevent Computer Downtimes

You can add longer life to your computer by practicing preventive maintenance, in the same way you do preventive maintenance on other equipment or on your house. Take care of problems before they begin, and you might avert other problems from starting.

Are These Really Scams?

There have been many articles that tell you to be wary of a scam if certain information isn’t readily available – namely a street address and testimonials you can verify. This is ridiculous, because people need more privacy in light of spam and all types of scammers. Another problem concerns those phone messages and emails you sent, that go unanswered – but there might be a good reason for that.

How Do I Effectively Advertise in Ezines?

I’ve been publishing ezines for years – and I have seen some pretty awful ezines – no original content, just pushing products of their own, etc. Some have high subscriber numbers – watch out and verify – I tried some and guess what? They often go to safe-lists or some other listings that do NOT qualify as subscribers. Many publishers keep their bounced addresses in their count – another red flag.

Get Listed on Google!

The major players are teaming up – Yahoo! will be pulling searches from Google and they will apparently appear to blend seamlessly within the Yahoo! searches. This means you should try to get your site listed in Google in order to take advantage. It could be a free way to get listed in Yahoo!

Places to Search at and to Submit Sites

Once you have your site organized and make it quite targeted to the theme you are trying to keep – full of the proper keywords, etc. – then you should start to submit your site to directories and search engines.

Keep Your Old Sites Up

When you abandon a page on your site, rather than deleting it, find some way to re-configure it and keep it up.

Computer Safe Mode Troubleshooting

If your computer is acting very sluggish,and you have tried to reboot (fully shutting it off for at least one minute and then re-starting), but it won’t start up correctly (if at all) – you can try to straighten it out by opting for it to start in “safe mode” – it will be limited in what you can do, but it will allow you to troubleshoot and perhaps save some data.

Finding the Errors on Your Site

When you are building your site, and try to test it in a browser, do you sometimes (or perhaps more often) get an error message telling you that your site contains a script error, and would you like to continue running scripts on the page – yes or no?

Are You Killing Your Website Sales?

Do people visit your website just to leave right away? Are you enticing them to look around further or to buy, or are you just turning them away and killing sales?

Save Your Traffic From Error Pages

When I took the time to look into the error pages that showed up, using my site statistics tools at my domain, I saw that people were trying to access pages that were not set up! I was losing traffic that was looking for me!

How Did My Site Come Up In THAT Search?

I have been checking my site statistics regularly and find searches made for something NOT found at my sites! My freebies site at http://doubleii.com/free.html regularly was hit by people looking for “free razors” – which I did not provide at the site! People landed on the site, looked and left, probably wondering why they were sent there!

Watch Out For These Alerts or Scams!

Cashier’s Checks as Good as Cash? Watch out for cashier’s checks – treat them as a regular check and NOT instant access to cash. Make sure to wait 7-10 days for it to officially clear and call your back for verification of funds being truly cleared. Many scammers are using official looking “cashier’s checks” to pay for cars, or for products (and many write the check in an amount over the purchase amount, asking then for an immediate refund in the excess amount). The responsibility is usually on the consumer side, and not on the bank’s side. You’ll be liable for the deficiency in funds. Do not refund anything or spend any of the money in a cashier’s check until at least 7 days of deposit – and verify the funds before spending any of it.

Give More Options, Fewer Options at Your Site

Am I really telling you two different messages here? Not really – you need to think of offering more AND fewer options on your site. Let me explain:

The Lucrative Identity Theft Scam

Identity theft is a serious problem – make sure to keep all sensitive information from being acquired by any other people. That means – do not give out your name, social security number, bank information, credit card information, etc. Shred store receipts. Use heavy discretion when ordering from the Internet – order from secure sites and know whom you are dealing with.

Grab ALL the Targeted Search Terms and Customers!

If you want your site to do well in the search engines, you should probably consider dissecting your all – around useful sites and make them more focused. You can keep the all – around site but point the focused ones toward it for the “extras” you offer. The all-around site can easily serve as your “home” page.

The Problem With Free

Many people put free information, free samples, free anything – to lure in visitors. However, the problem is that once most of the visitors find the freebie, they are gone. Make them work for the freebie – and perhaps they will see something on your site they will look further at.

Funding Just Got Tougher

Funding services just took a BIG hit this past week – with funders pulling out of many types of cases – even ones in progress. This came about primarily due to the Fen Phen case, where now it looks like more cases will be turned down after audit, paying less people, and having no guarantee of paying back funds already advanced. The possibility of the company running out of money is a very real possibility – for anyone looking to get paid in the future.

Choose Keywords Wisely

Your keywords need to be chosen strategically – they need to truly reflect what your site is about. They need to be keywords people search for. They need to be used throughout your website strategically and correctly.

Why You Need A Firewall NOW

Hackers are getting more sophisticated in entering computers without permission, and once they are in, they have access to every bit of information on your computer, plus the ability to “hijack” it and control it.

Depending on what the hacker wants to do – he can pull out all your personal information, passwords, social security number, credit card numbers, and all the sensitive financial information you keep on the computer. If you are doing taxes on the computer – they can pull all your sensitive information from those. This can be used to steal your identity. You can find charges made against your credit cards, or even that your driver’s license has been reproduced and is being used by someone else. You house title may be transferred to someone else. It is a huge crime these days, and hurts people for many years.

Compress Graphics to Retain Traffic

Your graphics on your sites can slow down how fast the site loads up – and can be costing you to lose your visitors. People will sit on a site only so long before clicking away if it doesn’t load quickly enough. The graphics include backgrounds, banners, images and photos, buttons, certain types of links and text, etc. You should take each and try to compress it to less than 10 Kb – and have only a very few of them on any page. Make sure not to lose too much quality, or choose a different graphic.

Check Your Statistics – It Can Save Your Traffic!

When I check my site statistics – I get a WEALTH of information – you need to check your stats out, too – you can reclaim lost traffic, find out the sites people go to most, and better your traffic.

For instance, when I look at the “errors” information, I see sites people “tried” to go to but found there to be no site, or perhaps tried to send an email to a wrong address – you can now make a copy of a real page and save it as the error page, or rename it on FTP and then upload the real page back.

Beware of Today’s Targeted Scams

There are zillions of scams floating all over – online websites, emails, regular snail-mail, and phone calls. You need to be wary of everything – and that’s a tough call.

As a funding agent, I got a call the other day, and this woman was asking of we can do a certain type of loan – I asked her to explain, and she said she needed a huge sum of money to build some sort of housing project – in NIGERIA.