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Owen Lamb - Lecturer, Computer Aided Design and Architectural Technologies. Special interests; Internet and Web Site Design. His site is jam packed with TOTALLY FREE Advice, Tutorials, Tools and Articles on Web Site Design and Deployment: http://bytesandbites.is.dreaming.org email: bytes@ihug.co.nz
They just … DON’T GET IT! … (a Plug for More Thought When Designing Site Content)

I’m not that old … well not really … but I still remember (and it wasn’t so long ago), that commerce was confined to local shops and businesses. OK there was the odd entrepreneur who had set up a chain of outlets across the country, and even fewer who had gone the whole way and set up international companies, we all know them, they were and some still are household names. They had the ability to think globally, and they profited immensely from that ability.

No Visitors? … No Wonder … They’re getting it elsewhere for Free!

I used to spend hours every week in the public library, I also used to spend a fortune on books. My love for books continues but I no longer spend so much time in the library, or indeed so much money buying books. Some of my main interests are in areas of technology and we all know how fast technology is moving … so what’s the point of buying a book on a certain aspect of technology when by the time it is in print it is already long out of date. So I go to what my son calls the “BIG” bookshelf, the one that’s hidden behind my modem. There on the Internet I can find information about anything, especially technology, and it’s up to date! Often it is also interactive, more fun and generally it’s cheaper than books.

Constrain Images …. Not! (Web Images – Constrain v’s Compress)

A number of times I have come across advice on the internet regarding the insertion of graphics in web pages, which stresses the need to ‘Constrain’ images in order that they download faster! …… WHAT! … Of course this maybe a case of misplaced terminology and what the bearer of the advice may in fact mean is ‘Compress’ images which of course may be an option and indeed will shorten download time.

Don’t Waste your Time … It won’t work!”

How Many times have you heard that? If everyone listened to that statement where would humanity be now? I am a great believer in the premise that and most things are achievable and can be done well fora lot less expense than a lot of people would have you believe. Several major events have occurred in my life of late that highlight for me that fact that we are all here for a very short time. In my current state of “I’m only here for a short time” I have been more prone to thinking “why am I wasting my time doing things that I’d rather not be doing when I could be ticking off my ‘love to be able to do that’ list.”Think of the vibrant lives we could all live if we all eagerly used our lives to the full pushing boundaries. I’m trying to do this with my life now.

Designing Web Page Layout? – Spare a Thought for Larger Monitors

There is one common mistake that Web Site Developers often make when designing web sites, and that is the lack of consideration to different monitor sizes in relation to the layout of pages. A large number of Web Page Designers still can’t see past the old favourite 14″ or 15″ monitor. Indeed more people (even though they are using smaller Palm Pilots and Internet connected phones etc.) still use a larger monitor as their main computer interface. Less people than ever before use a 14″ or 15″ screen with a screen resolution of the old favourite 800 x 600 pixels, yet we still get messages on Web Sites like “Best viewed at 800 x 600 screen resolution”. Most people even those still using 14″ or 15″ monitors are investing in display drivers that offer increased resolution and refresh rates.

So you want to install a Web Server on your Home Computer?

So you want to run a web server from home … or (wherever)? … You are interested in serving html pages or an ftp site (or whatever) … maybe you just want to share files with friends and family …. So where do you start?