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How To Get Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of FREE Publicity For Your Business

The first step to getting loads of free publicity for your business is to ask yourself – what’s newsworthy?

Become An Organized Disorganizer

From experience I have found that being a good leader is not just about being a good organizer. It’s also about being a good disorganizer. By that I mean learning to throw things out of balance, because that’s the best way to bring about change.

How To Find A “Hungry Market” Of Buyers Wanting To Throw Money At You

Make no mistake; there are literally thousands of potential tightly niched “hungry markets” out there. Markets abound! People are ready and waiting to throw money at you.

The Golden Rule For Pricing Your FSBO Property For Sale

Setting a realistic asking price is where most FSBO home sellers go wrong.

Is The Whole World Dishonest – You And Me Included?

Let’s face facts; most of us are quick to doubt the integrity and honesty of people involved in certain professions. We find it easy to mistrust politicians and are wary of people involved in car sales, insurance, real estate and the advertising industry. There’s even a shadow of suspicion cast over the legal profession thanks to the fraudulent activities of just a few solicitors.

Preparing Your Open House For A “Safe” Real Estate Sale

Whether selling through an agent or FSBO (for sale by owner), open houses need careful planning.

Self-Talk Keeps You Sane

We all do it! We all talk to ourselves. We’re in constant dialogue with our brains, talking to ourselves on how we feel about things, and yes… even the odd profanity that luckily no-one hears.

Fire Your Bad Customers And Send Them To A Competitor!

Let’s face it; some customers are just more trouble than they are worth. It’s the old 80/20 rule… 20 percent of them account for about 80 percent of your profit. These 20 percent are your ‘best’ customers. They are like gold! You want to keep them – and keep them happy! However, look closely at the other 80 percent of your customers, and you’ll likely discover several you’d be better off WITHOUT!

Destroy The Greatest Real Estate Myth

We’ve all heard it said, “The most important thing in real estate is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!” For years real estate agents have been peddling that line. As many will say, “it’s the reason why real estate does or does not sell.”

How To Make Your Business The Center Of Attention

There is nothing like a good positive news story to put a business on the map. Done right; it will create more attention and have more credibility than thousands of dollars worth of paid-for advertising. But how do you achieve that?

Build Your Database – Build Your Profits

It’s been said that it costs five times more to attract a new customer than to keep an old one. Despite this, most businesses spend an enormous amount of time and effort chasing after new customers.


When a person seeks employment with your company, he or she is basically saying, “I want to work for your company.” What this really means is “I will give up doing whatever I please, show up for work and behave the way you want me to behave, so long as you pay me in exchange.” Now, that gives you the employer, the opportunity to set some standards of behavior that are non-negotiable. That doesn’t mean you are taking away any creativity from your employees. After all, it is important for staff members to have some flexibility and to project their own personality into their job.

How To Make Your Business The Center Of Attention With Powerful Publicity Paid For By The Media

There is nothing like a good positive news story to put a business on the map. Done right; it will create more attention and have more credibility than thousands of dollars worth of paid-for advertising. But how do you achieve that?


“We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Franklin Roosevelt

Your first job is NOT to get your customer to read your ad.

Many of the most successful advertisements and web pages follow the AIDA formula:

Is Your Business A Pain, Or A Pleasure…And Can You Imagine Life Without It?

If your business is successful, then chances are you have poured most of your time, energy and spare money into it – for what may have seemed like forever. Your company may have become your life . . . an extension of yourself.

Why Researching Your Market Can Pay Big Dividends

Over the years I have seen a lot of companies waste a lot of money on market research. In many cases they commissioned the research simply because they had allocated a budget for it.

Will You Get Top Dollar When You Sell Your Business?

Selling your business will probably be your biggest sale ever. But, to get the best price you’ll need to satisfy your buyer on two points. Firstly, your company should be showing good returns. Secondly, there needs to be a strong likelihood that this trend will continue.

Why Large Companies Will Pay Millions To Create Something That Comes Naturally To A Small Business

You might not think of a large company as being a one-person business … yet that is precisely what many are and what many more want to be.

Developing The Right Attitude To Sell in Tough Times

Do I have any specific thoughts about selling when times are tough? Well, if you are to achieve high levels of success in selling, you must be able to get positive results even while circumstances are negative. In just about every area of selling, the field will over populate in boom times and thin out in tough times.

7 Simple Steps To Retrain Your Brain And Change Your Life Forever

From this moment on, begin to see the positive forces in your life. Use that positive energy to retrain your brain into a dynamic force. You’ll not only begin to see yourself differently, but other people will begin to see you, and treat you, differently.

Don’t spend any time thinking about the product.

Make no mistake; there are literally thousands of potential tightly niched markets out there. Markets abound! Your first job is to find one, and discover what it is the market wants. Then, and only then, do you consider what kind of products or services you might be able to supply to that market. Notice I said “wants” as opposed to their “needs.”

Prepare Your Business For Your Ultimate Customer

Most business entrepreneurs would rather be in the driver’s seat than to be driven. Yet, surprisingly enough, many business owners put little effort into planning to sell to their biggest and ultimate customer… the person (or company) that buys their business.

I’ve seen genuine hardworking people struggle and persevere to build up a successful business, only to watch them fail to reap their deserved rewards when they come to cash-out. They don’t know what to do, or where to go. They lack the required skills to present their business effectively to potential buyers. The end result; they get stressed-out and bitterly disappointed with the outcome.

Dream The Impossible Dream – Turn Your Ideas Into Reality!

I’m sure you can recall having a sudden inspiration, a brainwave, a “bolt from the blue”, a brilliant idea striking you like a light being switched on inside your head. But for some reason you never developed that idea or brought it to fruition.