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The Sales and Marketing Myth

There is one myth about sales and marketing we need to address. The myth is: Mass marketing eliminates (or replaces) the need for personal, one-on-one sales.

Few entrepreneurs and fewer company managers realize that you build sales and marketing on the firm foundation of successful ťone-on-oneŤ sales of your product, in which the sales rep is selling ťin-personŤ to the customer standing before him.

The Law of Income

The concept behind any form of wealth is creating income. Are you satisfied with your current income?

What Are Your Goals?

Have you ever asked yourself what you wanted from life? But not in the way that kids do when dreaming… Or put differently – do you have any goals on what direction you wish to move in? In all areas?
Or are perhaps your most important goals having money and a great career …

The 8 Myths About Creating Wealth

You have probably read or heard about various myths (these are the truths that are valid only for certain cases, but not in general) surrounding wealth and wealthy people, all of which hinder your quest for financial independence. Here are the most common and most destructive:

Defining The Critical Factors of Your Sales Success

When know what your customers think about you, what they want and need and what you have to do to improve their perceptions, you need to find out how your business functions in its present foundation. You need to break the entire process into smaller, easier to control elements that have a decisive impact on your lack of success.