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Eric Tachibana (also known as Selena Sol) has been at the forefront of the web applications development industry since its inception. Author of 7 best-selling technology books with topics ranging from Perl, Java, XML, and Banking Software Development, to Microsoft AFC, Security, and E-Commerce, Tachibana is widely known as a seminal personality in the web-programming community. His Open Source contributions in particular have earned him recognition from several prestigious award bodies and he is in high demand as a speaker on web technology, security, and technopreneurship regionally.
Writing COM Components in Perl Part 1

When you strip away all the layers of marketing hype and industry jargon, Microsoft’s Component Object Model (COM) is simply a technology that allows you to create an object in the language of your choice, and to make the functionality of that object available to any other object, or any other application, regardless of the language that the other object or application is written in.

Writing COM Components in Perl Part 2

How do I package my PERL code as a COM component?