About Nicole Hernandez

Nicole Hernandez is a web developer with a specialty in web standards and accessibility. She is the owner of Website Style and publishes technical articles on her blog called Beyond Caffeine.
Flash Media on the Web
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With the advent of what appears to be a ‘media boom’ on the Internet, I think it’s time for a reminder about accessible media on the web.

Fluidity and Text Sizing

Fluid and liquid layouts are definitely considered the ‘ideal’ design type right now, and I cannot agree more. I much prefer a fluid design over a set layout.

Visitors Skim – Why to Use Blog Summaries

As a web developer, I think that one of the easiest pitfalls to run into is assuming that the content on your page is as interesting to your readers as it is to you.

Creating Tableless Sites – Why and Some Basics

In a time of web developers who just like to say that ‘Tables are Evil’ and can’t (or won’t) explain why, this article will attempt to give you some solid reasons that people create tableless designs.

CSS Link Specificity
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Love Hate is how I taught myself to remember the order. The acronym for the order (LVHA) just wasn’t terribly easy to remember on its own.

CSS Cursors – How To Use Them

One thing that CSS allows us to use for screen presentation are alternate cursors. This is not the idea of downloading or forcing a download of a cursor, as was done in the past (though that is possible as well), but instead, we use several built in concept cursors.