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Vertical Search Prediction Challenged

Tom Evslin says that Jupiters prediction that Search will go the same way as TV did … from several major channels to 100’s of specialized ones …

Barnes & Noble Moves To Thwart Google AutoLink

Danny Sullivan reports that Barnes & Noble have linked all of the ISBN’s on their pages – Almost certainly an attempt to Thwart the much hated new Google AutoLink feature.

Rumor: Yahoo Purchased Flickr

It had to, or will have to, happen sooner or later. Last year, rumours were flying that maybe Google would buy Flickr …

Scottie Claiborne on Informercials and Web Copy

This piece by Scottie Claiborne, her of the highrankings modship, comes via chris and, once you get past the intro, is pretty cool.

Blogger Jason Kottke Asking For Contributions

Famous (though lord knows why..) blogger Jason kottke has given up his day job and is now holding out his hand for Kottke.org fans to feed him.

Winer says Google’s AutoLink is Adware

Dave Winer, who I’m not usually a huge fan of, has a wonderful summation of the arguments against Googles ham fisted attempt to resurrect Smart Tags – among many other great points he says it’s adware. I agree.

Google Movies – New Movie Search Operator
· 1

Nice – Pop movie … before a famous line from a film, an actors name or pretty much anything movie related and Google will try to fetch you something relevant – and it didn’t do a bad job at all with the few quick searches i tried.

Fun and Games with Search Patents

I see that A9 are looking to patent behavioural search – where the algorithm attempts to hone your search results based on your prior searches.

Oneupweb Study points out Patently Bloody Obvious

What is it that makes the Search industry press go all gooey eyed and giggly over a study that only points out what has been both patently obvious …

Google Maps Pushing the Boundaries of Web Development

For the more technically inclined, John Udell has a nice introduction to the technology used to create …

MSN Search – Flop with Search Community

I’m pretty certain that it’s not just me that has noticed that MSN Search is just not cutting it within the Search community, or even the wider tech/media blogging circles.

Code for Fighting Google AutoLink

This thread is now in it’s 3rd update … Thanks to Chris and Gurtie at Search Guild we now have a working script that webmasters can insert into their webpages that kills Google AutoLinks.

The 10 Minute RSS Primer – Getting Up To Speed with Bloglines

Okay, so i’ve become increasingly aware that many of the Threadwatch boys and girls, and Search marketing crowd in general don’t know much about RSS …

IPTV – Microsoft and Alcatel in Global Deal

And as if you needed any more convincing that Microsoft wants to own your home …