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Does Google have a Goal?

Interesting post at Aways-On that runs through a whole barrage of Google services, Betas and improvements to demonstrate that none of them appear to have any short-medium term profit making capabilities.

SES was big biG BIG this Year

According to Jupiters Alan Meckler SES final figures were something to behold this year …

Click Fraud Making Headlines Again

Two major headlines today on click fraud, the first comes from Mediapost reporting from SES NY who say …

MSN To Use Your Files To Personalize Search?

WebProNews Editor’s Note: Microsoft is kicking an idea around about developing a personalized search function on MSN Search using personal content stored on an individual’s computers.

Paid Search Backlash – Earn Rupees!

John Battelle talks about a paid search backlash this morning … I don’t know how you all feel out there, but I sense a backlash of sorts building toward paid search.

Microsoft AntiSpyware is Spyware?

A couple of weeks back, we reported on a sneaky M$ patch that was reseting users homepages to MSN.com as well as fixing bugs…

Yahoo! – 10yrs Old Today!

Yep, Yahoo! is 10yrs old today, ahh… makes you think of scabby knees and catapults no? (jumpers for goalposts…)

How To Use Gmail as a Personal File Server

From enGadget comes this neat looking way of using your Gmail account as a personal file server …

Search Marketers Clueless about Blogs

B.L. Ochman reporting on the interest in Blogs at Search Engine Strategies in New York City …

Event Blogging as a Business Model

I was talking to a friend on IM who was wondering why I wasn’t at SES NYC and he said that perhaps his company should have sponsored Threadwatch’s attendance …

Overture – The Brand that was Never Meant to Be

First we had GoTo.com, then Overture, now… Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions Pamela Parker reports for Clickz …

The Diminishing Slashdot Effect

BusinessWeek is running a piece on Slashdot’s diminishing “slashdot effect” – citing analysts and site owners that are saying a link from the grandfather tech site no longer means what it once did to the sites it links to.

The unGoogle – Wired Talks to Terry Semel

Terry Semel, Yahoo’s Chairman and CEO has been whispering sweet nothings in Wired’s ear about Yahoo’s strategy and where it differs to Google.

Brightcove – The Future of IP Video?

Om Malik reports on Jeremy Allaire’s new IP Video project Brightcove. Jeremy is the guy behind ColdFusion of course …

Internet turns Porn Industry Mainstream?
· 1

The BBC are running an interesting story about the porn industry’s mainstreaming over the internet.

Webmasterworld Members Suspect a Google Mole

Deep into wmw’s anti Autolink thread we see ThatAdamGuy, aka Adam Lasnik getting a kickin’ for being a Google spy.

Search, Spelling and the Long Tail

A post at passing notes, threadlinked above, brings up the somewhat famous, and apparently, quite mythical Cambridge University study that showed, that provided the first and last letters of a word were correct, people can read it just fine.

Kanoodle to Target Smaller Players for RSS Ads

Kanoodle are to open up their BrightAds RSS advertising product to smaller publishers according to the Pamela Parker in a Clickz story.

Bloggers Invented the Internet

A while back i wrote a small rant on how bloggers think they invented the internet – Now i’d like to add a little more …

Audio — Dan Rosenzweig and Marc Andressen at Web 2.0

Great session hosted by John Battelle at the Web 2.0 conference last year featuring Yahoo COO Dan Rosenzweig and Netscape founder Mark Andressen.

Google’s Statements on Toolbar Autolink

Danny Sullivan rounds up the issues raised over the last week on the Google Autolink functionality in the new Toolbar.

The BBC, Blogs, Forums and Wiki’s

Not the usual TW fayre, but i have an enormous respect for the BBC – One of the oldest and most repected communications firms in the world.

Culling Feeds – OR – Killing a few Friends

Im aware that this is a strange analogy, I really do think of RSS feeds as friends in many ways though …

The SEO Game is Getting Harder

Aaron Wall has an interesting article detailing how his SEOBook and SEOGuy websites have been dumped in the recent Google update.