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Google Getting Heavy with Google X Cloners

Barry Schwartz posts a translated french email allegedly sent from Google to one of the sites cloning the short lived Google X …

Search Engines using Smoke and Mirrors to Hide Flaws

Over at the ABestWeb affiliate forums X10, who deal in consumer electronics, are announcing a new feature to their affiliate program: A free website, all ready to go. Some of the members are concerned over “duplicate content” penalties and the X10 rep steps in to dispel a few myths about Search engines and ranking penalties.

B.L. Ochman Responds to SES Conference Notes Row

As I gave B.L. such a hard time in reporting legal concerns of SES speakers yesterday it seems only fair that we not leave her response simply as a comment in the original conversation.

4INFO Mobile Search lands $8M in Funding

Mobile Search firm 4INFO have secured $8M in funding from VC firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson.

LookSmart Revamps FindArticles.com

LookSmart (remember them?) have revamped FindArticles.com and added new tools and organization to around 5,000,000 articles – you can now search on a whole bunch of criteria for articles on many topics.

B.L. Ochman in SES Notes Scandal

B.L. Ochman has been getting some bad press for hawking her notes from the recent Search Engine Strategies NYC …

ZoomInfo Resume & People Search

More niche Search hits the mainstream press as ZoomInfo.com is featured on New Scientist as well as AP today.

RSS Not Ready for Big Marketers – Good!

Jupiter Media have released a baffling, but in most respects not surprising report on RSS adoption and it’s uptake as a marketing tool.

AOL to Launch PinpointTravel.com

AOL are to launch a Beta travel site powered by Kayak, the recently launched travel comparison engine.

Google Backs Down in AFP Case

It appears that Google is backing down in the Google News vs Agence France Presse case.

Major Problems Plague OurMedia.org Launch

The launch of OurMedia.org, a new grass routes media social enterprise got off to a less than auspicious start today..

Confirmed – Yahoo! Bought Flickr

Threadwatch have been talking about the rumous that Yahoo! bought Flickr since Om Malik mentioned it last month. Now it’s confirmed by Y!’s Jeremy Zawodny.

Google’s Blogger out of Juice?

As Infoworld reports like many others today on problems with Google’s Blogger tool, the property deal they made back in February begins to make sense.

CustomizeGoogle.com Toolbar

Nice, looks like someone took Mark Pilgrim’s Butler tool that we talked about a couple of days ago, improved on it …

The Hidden Costs of Long Tail Internet Businesses

Kevin Laws has a beautiful post about the costs involved with long tail business that applies particularly well to many types of website whether you sell products, services, information or community.

Google OS X [MIA]

Following in the same vein as Google Maps, we now have Google with an OS X style dock.

Details on MSN’s adCenter Paid Search Ads

Yesterday, Threadwatch member cornwall reported on the upcoming paid search program from MSN Search called adCenter.

Vertical Search Creates Buzz In Silicon Valley

Om Malik writes about the buzz surrounding vertical Search on Sandhill Road. On explaining vertical, he says …

Yahoo! 360 – Blog and Social Networking Tools

AP report that Yahoo have finally announced plans to join the blogging and social networking game with Yahoo 360, a mix of tools to be released on March 29th that includes blogging, photo sharing and social networking.

Emerging Details About IE7

Mary Jo Foley writes about some of the emerging details about new IE7 – biggest revelation? Tabbed browsing…

A9 Ramps it up with Blog Search and More…

Gary Price adds a little more detail to Danny Sullivans earlier post on Amazon’s A9 OpenSearch features.

Influencing (Blog) Infulencers

There has been lots of talk over the last couple of months about “influencers”, in particular, influencers in the blogosphere.

Amazon & Behavior – Predictive Targeting

New Scientist is reporting on patents filed by Amazon on March 8th that will (do?) allow the online retail giant to extract keywords …

FAST Launch New Mobile Search Solution

Gary points us to FAST’s mSearch solution for mobile: “FAST mSearch offers a complete solution that addresses the need of the mobile end user …