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Sony Patent Real Life Matrix
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Sony has filed a patent that protects technology developed to implement something closely resembling a real-life Matrix.

Yahoo! 360 gets Parodied, Beautifully…

Yahoo! 360 the new blog meets social network service from Yahoo! get’s sent up beautifully by SixFoo 660, in fact, it quite litterally had me laughing out loud.

Reputation Destruction and Crisis Management

Jim Horton is talking about reputation destruction, and his post on ruined CEO reputation coincides with a story a friend told me recently of how he suspected one of his competitors might be spreading rumours about his company to damaging effect. Both are offline examples, so what of online reputation crisis management?

Search Engines, Personal Info & Big Brother Paranoia

Wired is running an interesting story on what Search engines know about you, with choice quotes from Danny Sullivan and Daniel Brandt, him of the Brandt Rant fame…

Click Fraud to be Tested in Court

We knew it would come, and now it has. A consortium of advertisers have filed a class action suit in Arkansas, against a total of eleven Search engines including Yahoo! and Google over alleged click fraud…

Evolution of the SEO Tool Set

With the discovery and consequent analysis efforts over the contraversial Google Patent that has fueled small amounts of paranoia and large privacy concerns recently, some SEO’s are rethinking their toolsets.

Google’s War On Search Engine Spamming

After reading comments from readers and taking WG’s advice and reading the whole document, a little title change is necessary. As always, the meat is in the comments, read on….

Del.icio.us Founder Quitting Day Job

Joshua Schachter says he’s quitting his day job and comitting to del.icio.us, the social bookmarking service, full time.

Urchin, WebTrends Deals, Now Free NetTracker Lite Urchin, WebTrends Deals, Now Free NetTracker Lite
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Sane Solutions has announced the release of Net Tracker Lite, aimed at the small and low traffic site sector.

Initial thoughts On Yahoo! 360

Ok, so i got my invite to Yahoo! 360, their new blogging/sharing network we reported on earlier this month and after a minimal play around with it i have a few thoughts.

Google Withholding Tax From Adsense Payouts?

News reaches us that some publishers are reporting that Google have been withholding tax on Adsense cheques.

InfoSpace to Join the Mobile Search Race

Mobile Search is red hot right now, with 4info recently landing $8M in funding for it’s mobile offering,…

One In Seven Affiliates Generates High Conversions

Mediapost report on a survey undertaken by Shawn Collins. Naturally, there is no link on the Mediapost article …

Looking at Desktop Search

The Washington Post is running a story on the various DTS apps available. They seem to favor Google and MSN above the others, but the point I found most interesting was this…

Feedster Accused of Spamming Search Engines

Tim Yang is claiming that the claim your feed function at Feedster is spamming Google et al…

Yahoo’s Efforts to Outshine Google

Om Malik posts a great commentary on Yahoo’s ongoing bid to win blogger and techie favor – i’ve said so before, and i’ll say it again: They’re doing a great job…

Podcasting Picks up Speed

Last year, as the word podcast began to spread like wildfire, we took a look at it in several posts here at Threadwatch and despite still thinking that the majority of amateur radio like podcasts suck, i have to confess to being a fan of the medium in many ways.

RSS And Search Intergration – The Next Big Play

Richard MacManus at the Read/Write Web posts some thoughts and observations on the integration of RSS and Search – Among other things, he notices that Bloglines, that now belongs to IAC’s ASK, has had a very Search focused makeover.

Six Apart Moves Forward on Comment Spam

Anil Dash posts an update on Six Apart, the makers of MovableType and owners of LiveJournal and TypePad hosted blogging service’s, progress on fighting comment spam.

Is JupiterResearch For Sale?

Jupiter Research is up for auction according to SVG today – Forrester has refused to say if they’re bidding but clearly wants the world to know that they are indeed moving to pick up rival analytics firm JupiterResearch.

Does Skype Need To Go Open Source To Survive?

So Skype is revolutionizing the world of VOIP and Telephony in general. With the launch of Skype-In last week where you can recieve calls to your Skype Software through a normal phone number …

Microsoft Knobbling the EU

A report from the Enquirer says that Microsoft may have deliberately borked the XP registery on the Windows Media Player free version of XP it’s been ordered to ship to the EU under anti-monopoly rulings.

Newspapers Buy Topix.net

Rich Skrenta reports that 75% of his Topix.net has been sold to three newspaper groups. Topix has been a hot property for some time, and news of the deal whilst surprising, makes an awful lot of sense, particulary from the point of view of a very scared newspaper industry…

Australian Search Engine in Dodgy Domain Reg Scandal

Australian Search engine Ansearch finds itself in hot water over some particularly ill thought out domain name purchases.