About Nick Roy

Nick Roy is the Owner and Director of Human Resources for Webitude eBusiness, a web development company that specializes in the developing web sites for small to mid-size businesses. He currently holds an MBA in E-Business and MA in Human Resource Management from Hawaii Pacific University. He can be reached at 954-529-7579 or by e-mail at owner@webitudeversionone.com
Thinking of Starting Your Own Business: Operate It From Home

I have been receiving tons of responses about how to start a home based business. Here’s a little story about how I created my company which is operated out of my home. Never ever believe in these sites such as http://money.vkx.biz. Many of these sites are scams. What you can do is create any regular company and operate it from home. To get started, ask yourself these questions: what are you interested? Are you passionate about that interest? What are your core competencies? In other words, what do you do well that you could share and profit from?

Web Enhanced Recruiting: Integrating the Internet Into Your Staffing Process

The web can vastly expand an organization’s ability to search for talent and present itself as an employer. The web has enabled us to put more company information and job information in the hands of job seekers. Just has job seekers want to present themselves in a favorable way towards employers, so do the companies.

E-commuting: Improved Productivity Using Home Computers

Working away from company premises via computer and phone links is a rapidly developing trend. Business Week reports 200 U.S. firms experimenting with the process, and more than thirty already operating formal programs. The University of Southern California’s Center for Future Research predicts that five million people will work this way within ten years. An “Association of Electronic Cottagers” has already been formed.