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The Associative Model of Data

About thirty years ago, a guy named Codd invented the relational database model based on predicate logic. It took the database world by storm and the companies that adopted it early won a large competitive edge. As you now can see, the relational model of data is by far the powerhouse in today’s database systems.

Understanding MySQL Privileges in Linux

MySQL has become increasingly popular in the last year because of its ease of use and price. Setting up a MySQL Server on a Windows machine is so easy you may not even realize it is there. Installing MySQL on a Linux machine isn’t quite as easy, but anyone with any experience installing programs on Linux wouldn’t have a problem. So, now that you have your server installed, how do you manage a multi-user environment? This is where your privileges come in.

Cursors in Stored Procedures
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First, let’s define a stored procedure for those who don’t already know. A stored procedure is basically a query that you would run frequently that you have saved. The power is that you can have input parameters. For example, if you always execute this query:

How to Import FoxPro 2.x Tables into Microsoft SQL Server
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First off, let’s explain a little about the common situation that this “how to” is targeted towards. FoxPro 2.x was a big part of many applications in the early 90’s and those applications ran/run just fine. However, compared to SQL Server 2000, or any other modern DBMS, it’s a joke.