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Nick Douglas writes the Silicon Valley gossip rag Valleywag. On the side, he writes Fibonacci poetry and short stories about net-saturated life.
Conversation With Google CEO Eric Schmidt

4:20: The grand ballroom for the welcome message and a talk by Google CEO Eric Schmidt was packed; I skipped upstairs to a swank overflow room catered by Google. Remember those Google snack rooms? They turned this room into one of them.

How to Tell if a Google Deal Means Anything

We already know why Google announces so many useless partnerships, or at least one fringe benefit for the company, which is to signify that everyone is on its side, not Yahoo’s or Microsoft’s.

WSJ Goes OMG Over Facebook Drama

Seriously, who let the hyperbole out?

“Hidden Voice of Wired” Passes Away

This weekend, the Valley lost a sharp journalist and a good man. Bill Goggins, a former editor at Wired Magazine, died while running the San Francisco Marathon this Sunday.

Friendster Caught Between a Rock and a Facebook

The game is over, and Friendster lost.

Rocketboom Wants Amanda Congdon Back

The nation’s hottest video blog is back, and it’s snappy. Rocketboom interim host Joanne Colan (pictured here holding a symbol for triumph) displays the polish and ease that many viewers felt long-time host Amanda Congdon lacked.

Wired News Staff are Bedraggled Lost Characters

When Cond Nast announced last night that it bought Wired News, the press acted like Wired was rescuing a desperate crew of disaster survivors.

The Pickup Artists of Networking

Spend too much time in the world of superlinked social site users, and they start to look like the seedy pickup artists in last year’s book The Game.