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Google Just Disrupted The Conference Business With Hangouts On Air Google Just Disrupted The Conference Business With Hangouts On Air

If you organize conferences and similar events, your future in terms of how you organize and price your events just got really interesting. If you’re a conference-goer, events that might be out of reach to you for reasons of distance …

Common Sense Prevails On Social Disorder And Social Networks Common Sense Prevails On Social Disorder And Social Networks
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Yesterday, Home Secretary  Theresa May met with representatives of Facebook, Twitter and  BlackBerry Messenger and the police in a widely-reported get-together to discuss the rights and responsibilities of the users of social networks, and the rights and responsibilities of the …

Will iPads Lead to Better Customer Service? Will iPads Lead to Better Customer Service?

British Airways “revolutionises customer service using iPads,” says a BA press release on August 17 about a service trial that got quite a bit of attention this week. The airline says it’s trialling  iPads with 100 cabin crew to enable …

Connecting You With an Internet of Things Connecting You With an Internet of Things

You’ve probably heard about the refrigerator that tweets introduced by Samsung at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in the US. I bet you’ve also heard about plans by car maker Ford to offer the capability for you to listen to …

The Footballer, Twitter and Changing the Game The Footballer, Twitter and Changing the Game
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A story that has been headline news in the UK’s mainstream media every day for the past week is that concerning a Premier League footballer who’s suing Twitter in a legal challenge. The court proceedings, launched in London, aim to …

How Burson Marsteller Can Emerge From Its Facebook PR Fiasco How Burson Marsteller Can Emerge From Its Facebook PR Fiasco

The “dirty tricks” kerfuffle surrounding Facebook and Burson Marsteller that erupted a few days ago surely couldn’t get worse for the beleaguered PR firm – but it did. Burson was caught out in a covert anti-Google smear campaign on behalf …

Are You Really Ready For The Mobile Consumer? Are You Really Ready For The Mobile Consumer?
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Google published some terrific and compelling metrics yesterday on the rapid shifts in consumer behaviours and how they use smartphones when shopping. Google says that 71% of smartphone users search because of an ad they’ve seen either online or offline; …

The Acceptance Hurdles for QR Codes
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QR codes are appearing with increasing frequency in a growing range of marketing and communication activities. I’ve been paying attention to who’s using these two-dimensional barcodes and how in their marketing when I’m out and about, especially in supermarkets, taking …

Should Your Employer Have Access to Your Facebook Account?
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privacyrisksfacebookYesterday, I read a report in the American magazine The Atlantic which asked the question

Public Tweets and Privacy Boundaries Becoming More Defined

If you use Twitter, what you post to the micro-blogging service is public.

Blogging – In Decline or Just Evolution?
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There’s been a bit of commentary and opinion in recent weeks that blogging (meaning, written content longer than just a paragraph or two) as we know it is dying or even already dead when compared to the rise of Facebook and Twitter (meaning, very short content like the 140-character posts of Twitter).

CIPR Looking For Suggestions Regarding Social Media Guidelines

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) wants your help to develop a best-practice set of guidelines on using social media in PR practice.

Top Tech Blogs in The UK During August
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Next week, European search engine and news portal Wikio will be publishing the rankings for August 2010 of their lists of the top blogs in the many categories under which they’re classified.

Tweet Milestone Accelerating Beyond Expectation

Twitter hit  a new milestone yesterday – 20 billion tweets.

According to Mashable, the milestone comes just two months after the service hit 15 billion tweets and about five months since it reached 10 billion, indicating that activity levels on the microblogging service continue to accelerate.

Finding Alternatives To Facebook
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With the news confirmed that Facebook membership now exceeds 500 million people worldwide – that’s nearly 10 percent of the world’s total population – it’s a worthy reminder to note that, never mind its size or seeming monolithic ubiquity, there are other social networking places to complement Facebook.

Facebook Taking Over The World

Not only has Facebook gathered huge numbers of members – half a billion at the last count – but the social network has also become the number one social presence in many countries, displacing some home-grown domestic social networks.

Best Buy Lists Twitter Followers As Job Qualification
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A recruitment ad for a Sr. Manager – Emerging Media Marketing Job at US retailer Best Buy includes an item under the ‘Preferred Qualifications’ heading that applicants have “250 plus followers on Twitter.”

Dell’s Twitter Campaign Has Raked In $3m In Sales

While many businesses are trying to work out how to make money from Twitter, computer maker Dell shows what they have done to validate Twitter as a credible business tool.

Domino’s Pizza Deals With YouTube Nightmare
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Yesterday was quite a day for Domino’s Pizza’s leadership and the communication team.

General Motors Could Begin Offering Twitter In Their Cars

An early  April Fool’s Day joke, or the real deal? You judge.

Happy Twestival Day

Today, February 12, marks the culmination of an awful lot of effort and energy by many people around the world, volunteers all, who have made Twestival.

Twestivals: Twitter Communities Meeting In Real Life

twestivalbadge If you’re a Twitter user, you like the idea of extending your virtual community into the real world, and you’d be keen to help a worthy cause, Twestival is right up your street.

Facebook Poll Gets Woman Kicked Of Jury

If you have to serve on a  jury in a criminal trial, you’d more than likely think very carefully about discussing that trial outside the jury room and what’s going on in court.

Motrin’s Ad Causes Online Backfire

Four years ago, an online storm erupted over the best-selling bicycle lock brand in the USA and how anyone could open the lock with a simple ball-point pen.