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Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Fix The Basics

OPENING PAGE AND MAIN CONTENT – Upon entering the site, first impression is a personal home page due to the background, the animated gifs, and amount of scrolling and large text. My recommendation would be to create a standard template for all pages to follow.

Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Bad Design, Poor Graphics

Well, viewing the site was a little shock at first, but it was not the site’s content. In general, the whole site looks more like a personal webpage than a commercial website. The general design is very bad and the graphics are lacking.

Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Fix The Navigation

I must say.. the site does offer a very focused type of product.. but that is not the issue at hand.

Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Enhance Non-Goth Appeal

Let me begin by saying that I am not a “goth” individual and I know very little about the culture; however, I did find several items in your inventory that I could see myself or others like me purchasing for various reasons unrelated to the “goth” culture. Having said this, here are my suggestions for increasing your site’s trustworthiness and attracting more visitors.

Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Too Much Empty Space

I went to Julie’s site and even though this is not my thing :) I wanted to help her because I could relate because I’ve seen my site for so long that I can’t see it objectively.

Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Too Cluttered

Re: Shadow Domain… here’s my comments for what they’re worth…

Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Optimize For Search Engines

Julie makes a common mistake in thinking that being “listed on several search engines” will bring her traffic. A site can be listed in every search engine in the world but not have enough traffic. Being listed and being found when people look for the service or goods you sell are two entirely different things.

Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Make It Livelier

I had a look at the site, and its not bad – better than I could do, but a couple of things struck me.

Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Short Comments

Not all reviewers send in lengthy reviews, but many have good ideas regardless. Here are the short comments:

Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Theme Has Potential But Site Needs Tweaking…

Site theme has lots of potential. The merchandise is really cute. That’s why I’m taking the time to reply. But…

Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Too Much Scrolling Around

Like Julie Pedersen, Web Mistress of Shadow Domain, I too am a self taught web designer, (approx 6 years) who’s need to come to grips with the web & web design, was driven by other business demands. I now design a limited number of web sites for small to medium businesses.