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When You Buy Google Adwords, Make Sure You Know What You’re Buying
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Many businesses, both large and small, use Google Adwords to advertise on the internet.

What Exactly is Internet Marketing?

The internet, like every other field, has a language all its own. And when it comes to marketing on the internet, the labels proliferate rapidly. Can you tell “search engine marketing” from “search engine optimization?” How about “website promotion” from “online promotion?”

Google Adwords and the Lost Art of Copywriting

Tens of thousands of businesses, large and small, use Google Adwords and Overture Match (from Yahoo!) to advertise their products and services on the Internet.

If Big Ad Agencies Can’t Handle Search Engine Marketing, What’s A Small Business To Do?

A recent online news article entitled “Five Reasons Why Ad Agencies Hate Search Engine Marketing” struck a responsive chord in the search engine marketing (SEM) community. Lots of posts, both critical and supportive, showed up in online forums. The article made some points that I have noted myself in previous articles. The most important ones are that good SEM is labor intensive and expensive, that profitability is hard to achieve, and that the search engine companies keep moving the goal posts. I think it’s worthwhile considering the extent to which these problems also impact localized search engine marketing.

Internet Marketing for Micro Businesses

There are small businesses, and there are “micro” businesses. Micro business is a term I use, for example, to distinguish a small nail salon employing 3 or 4 people from a small manufacturing plant that employs 100 people. In conventional terms, both are small businesses. In reality, and certainly when it comes to marketing, they are worlds apart.

Internet Yellow Page Ads – Are They Worth a Try?

Most small businesses do not yet advertise on the internet. But with the undeniable growth in internet traffic, it’s only a matter of time before many businesses will need to consider online advertising.

Internet Searching Hits Close to Home

This year’s Search Engine Marketing Convention in New York drew thousands of attendees eager to hear the latest news in online search, one of the hottest topics in marketing today. Why is it so hot? Consider this simple statistic: at the forum on local search marketing, the combined value of U.S. sales driven by the various search engines represented on the panel was estimated to be $40 billion annually. The estimate may be wildly innaccurate, but whatever the true figure is, one thing is certain: it isn’t pocket change. It’s big, big business.

When it Comes to Search Engines, Think Links

Website owners: do you know how many links are out there on the Internet, pointing back to your site? If you’re interested in getting free search engine placement for your site, you ought to know. An easy way to find out is to download the Alexa toolbar from http://www.alexa.com. One of its many useful features is that it shows you how many links are pointing to the site. High quality links are one of the most crucial aspects of good search engine optimization. When you think about it, this makes sense. After all, this is the Internet, the World Wide Web, we’re talking about. And in a web, everything is… right, everything is LINKED.

The Future of Free Search Engine Publicity

For years, almost anyone involved with the promotion of their website, be it for commercial or other purposes, has come to either love, or hate, search engines. Whether it is Yahoo, Google, MSN, Ask Jeeves, or one of the literally thousands of smaller search engines and directories, website owners have known that by “optimizing” their site for search engines, they could hope to rise to the top ranks of a leading search engine when an applicable keyword or phrase was entered in the search engine by a user.