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In-House SEM Salaries: Quite a Range
Earlier today we discussed some mind boggling statistics about search marketing and its efficacy, see: PPC Ads Are Ignored 88.5% Of The Time!. Another study, this time about search marketers by SEMPO, explores the earning potentials of SEMs.

The salaries actually have a surprising range, with the lowest ones bordering around minimum wages $60/year to the highest ones being around $70,000 a year.

Report: Nearly 90% Don’t Pay Attention to PPC Ads
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The report from Ad Age published recently, reveals some eye-popping facts and figures about search marketing.

Microsoft Excel AdCenter Add-in & Webinar
Microsoft has announced the launch of the adCenter Add-in for Excel 2007. You might want to download the Add-in from here.

Yahoo Releases Go 3.0 Beta
The word about launch Go 3.0 Beta had already been out yesterday; see: Yahoo! To Launch Go 3.0 beta. Yahoo!

Google SERP Changes Result in Traffic Spikes
A huge number of webmasters are reporting a significant increase in traffic. Some even report the hike to be as big as double. All the masters who have been positively affected by the change are delighted.

This hike seems to follow a decrease in traffic by half around 20th December 2007.

In order to get the correct count some Webmasters have used the site: operator.

Google Negotiating with Newspaper Publishers

Google already commands the market of Internet advertising, but now the search giant’s appetite seems to be getting bigger by the day. Google’s holding negotiations with several newspaper publishers and cooking up a deal to allow its online advertisers to purchase print space in the newspapers.

This move has been a cause for anxiety for many competing media companies such as ITV, who’s chairman Michael Grade has been lobbying to reign in the big giant.

Google Offers Festivus For Webmasterus

On Google Webmaster Central Blog and in the post titled "A Festivus for our webmasterus." Google says "If it’s good enough for the Costanzas, it’s good enough for Webmaster Central: it’s time for a Festivus for the rest of us (webmasterus)!"

Yahoo Talks WordPress Shortcuts
Yahoo! Search Blog discusses the new technology they’ve come up with. They say that making a blog involves collating pictures, links, maps, etc and that sometimes there’s "the hassle of digging up that supporting content… the most painful part.

Google Develops Ad Review Center
The Google AdSense Blog reports:  “In an effort to provide you with more transparency and control over the ads appearing on your pages, we’ve developed the Ad Review Center.

Scroll Feature for AdSense
Keith Chan reports that Google seems to be trying out a scroll feature for Google AdSense advertisements in its Hong Kong version.

Microsoft Introduces Mobile Ads
According to Reuters "Microsoft Corp.

PubCon – Multivariate Testing, Conversion Tweaking
Getting traffic to your site is an important step. The finishing part of the picture is getting your site to convert those visitors into customers. This panel will look at ways that you can increase your site performance.

PubCon – Organic Keyword Research
Developing keyword lists is a mission critical step for organic search engine optimization. This panel will review how to mine keywords, research keywords, expand keywords, and refine keywords.

PubCon – Alternative Discovery & SEO
Learn the best tips, tools, and techniques for non-traditional optimization for both indexing as well as ranking support. This includes files such as PDF’s, doc’s, PODCATS and RSS feeds.

SES – Holiday Search Tactics
It’s the beginning of December and the holiday season is in full swing. All the campaigns have launched and you have thought of everything. Or have you?

Microsoft Regionalizing Searches?
Microsoft seems to be regionalizing searches observes Woz on a thread on Webmasterworld.

PubCon – SEO and Big Search
It turns out that just because a programmer can write a search engine algo it doesn’t mean they can reverse-engineer that algo from a web page. Search engine’s own people need some training and help getting pages indexed and ranked well from time to time.

This panel will discuss how and when search engines SEO their own sites and what optimizers and site owners can learn from their experiences.


  • Joseph Morin


SES – Landing Page Optimization
The clinic consists of a live, interactive landing page optimization clinic run by industry experts. Audience members will be asked to submit websites and any paid search campaigns prior to the clinic and samples will be chosen for live analysis.

Moderator: Kevin Heisler, Executive Editor, Search Engine Watch

Speakers: Jimmy Ellis, Director of Optimization Research, MarketingExperiments, Marc Wachen, CEO and co-founder, Optimost, Scott Miller, President and founder, Vertster

PubCon – Competitive Intelligence
When evaluating and planning your own direction, knowing your sector’s finer points is mission critical.

It’s difficult to look at your competitors without leaving tracks. It can be a challenge, but is extremely important to manage your own reputation. This panel will look at a number of issues surrounding competitive intelligence being probed by the competition and probing the competition yourself.

PubCon – WoM Marketing
Word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective and long lasting techniques for increasing traffic to a web site. This session will detail effective word of mouth marketing campaigns and how to integrate them into your online advertising mix.

PubCon – European Site Optimization

This session is a round up of current international optimization and promotion issues. Panelists will address multi-language issues, Euro PPC/SEO, and how to crack the Southeast Asian riddle.

PubCon – CSS and HTML Coding
CSS today is almost synonymous with Web 2.0. We have come a very long way from the days of simply tweaking your links to remove the underline.

Panelists will discuss the cut corners, the non-underlined links, the freaky mouse-overs, and other code beautification techniques. HTML, on the other hand, has moved closer towards XML and feeds. Our panelists will discuss how to update your code to match what is evolving on the web.

PubCon – Matt Cutts Keynote
This is a pure question and answer session with the master Google company guy, Matt Cutts.

SES – Automated PPC Bid Management
PPC bid management tools like those from Atlas and Omniture allow automated control over the bidding process that promises better ROI and increasing competitive advantage.

But managing the automation tools requires an understanding of how these tools work their underlying algorithms and how best to set them and monitor them to achieve desired results. The session will include panelists who are real users of the tools and not representatives of the tool vendors.

Moderator: Kevin Heisler, Executive Editor, Search Engine Watch