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Search Marketing Expo West is three-day search engine marketing conference, organized by Third Door Media. Beginning from February 26 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, the conference will cover topics that involve not only fundamental and basic issues, but also up-to-date topics on future developments, forward-looking keynotes from leading authorities in search marketing and technologies.

New Google Update?

Apparently, Google is showing signs of mixed and changing results at present. It struck us when our clients reported seeing different rankings for their websites at their ends, compared to our observations of their ranks from our location in Chicago. One of them reports seeing his website on the first page while we were stunned to find it on the second page at the same time. When we confirmed this with other clients in other locations, it showed the same behavior. It seems that an update is already taking place.

1% Of Google Search Results Still Contain Malicious Content

Last Tuesday, Google published a report stating that web browsing and searching are increasingly becoming risky. Google for a year and a half now has been identifying web pages that infect vulnerable hosts via drive-by downloads, i.e. web pages that attempt to exploit their visitors by installing and running malware automatically.

Microsoft May Need to Borrow Some Cash
If history is taken into account then Microsoft has been known to have a huge reservoir of funds which prevent it from loaning for any deal, but this time it appears that the bid of US $44.6 Billion has forced it to consider such an option.

This was made known by the company’s CFO Chris Liddell in a briefing to Wall Street analysts.

Could Google Stand in the Way of the Microsoft-Yahoo Deal?

Over the weekend Google tried to thwart the attempt by Microsoft to takeover Yahoo!, by being quite vocal about the concerns, see Official Google Response: Microsoft’s Bid On Yahoo! "Hostile".

Official Google Response: Microsoft’s Bid On Yahoo! “Hostile”

As the news about Microsoft’s offer to purchase Yahoo! went around, the search engine industry was inundated with the buzz and speculations.

Microsoft’s Purchase Of Yahoo! An Inevitable Reality?

Given the hue and cry about Yahoo!’s expected layoffs and its less than perfect market performance in Q4, the word about the possible bid by Microsoft had already been in the air, which has now been translated in to a reality. Would the deal eventually materialize or not?

Google Redesigning Korean Search
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Though Google’s strategy with the search engine is “the simpler the better,” it seems that cultural demands placed on the search giant is forcing it to tweak the philosophy a bit in Korea.

AdCenter Customers Becoming Disgruntled
It seems that many Microsoft adCenter members are disgruntled with the company policies.

The advertisers are being told to increase their bid prices, which of course is not well taken by the clients. Due to this some have even dropped adCenter in favor of AdWords.

However, it seems that the same thing is being done by Google as well. As even Google’s AdWords representatives tell the advertisers to raise their minimum bid prices, so that they can have better traffic. And most often, they give in because they do get an increased amount of traffic.

Create Your Own Ask Homepage
Ask.com has launched a new facility, in case you don’t like the backgrounds already available on Ask.com.

The new feature lets you upload any image of your choice, a family snap or your company logo perhaps.

Google Addresses Webmaster Concerns
A couple of days back Google’s Susan Moskwa & Trevor Foucher published FAQs about sitemaps, see: Google’s FAQs on Sitemaps. The FAQs followed from their experience at SES Chicago 2007.

Microsoft Teams Up With EDGAR Online on Content Network
Launched last year, Microsoft’s adCenter Content Network only had Microsoft web properties during the initial stage.

Yahoo’s Personalized Mobile Portal
Yahoo! Made news when it launched the Go 3.0 Beta a couple of days back, see: Yahoo! Launches Go 3.0 Beta Featuring Open Mobile Widget Platform And A Redesigned Mobile Homepage.

The latest from Yahoo! is the beta release of its personalized mobile portal.

Microsoft Search Share Climbs, Google,Yahoo Down
According to the data released by Nielsen Online the “share of searches” for Google along with Yahoo!

A Hundred Grand for Building a Search Engine

Singapore has launched a contest for developing a next-generation multi-media online search engine.

The contest has allowed for eight months time to build the engine and the reward is a 100,000 US dollar cash prize, as has been reported at Physorg.

Yahoo Update for this Month

In a recent thread titled, “Yahoo Rankings are GONE!” at WebmasterWorld, there are reports submitted by users that the update for the month of January has already begun.

Addressing Assumptions of the Original PageRank

When the original PageRank algorithm was conceived, it was built around the a mathematical formalization called random walk or RW.

adExcellence Accreditation from Microsoft Announced in UK
The moderator at WebmasterWorld, Receptional has said in a WebmasterWorld thread that he got an invitation from Microsoft, asking him for participate in the adExcellence accreditation program in the United Kingdom.

Glossary For Those Confused by AdSense terms
If you’ve found yourself confused with most of Google AdSense’s babble, gabble and twaddle, then try AdSense Glossary launched by Google.

It is comprehensive and covers everything from Earnings & Payments to technical terms and Account Settings.

iGoogle Now Available for Apple’s iPhone
Google’s kept its focus on enhancing its services with newer features and improvements every now and then.

Google Dumps IncrediMail, Stock Drops
Once IncrediMail disclosed that it got a notice from Google Inc. about the latter’s decision to end the advertising service relationship with the former, all hell broke lose.

Incredimail’s shares plummeted by 45 percentage points hitting this year’s lowest figure of $2.50. IncrediMail, specializes in producing customized e-mail solutions.

Images Now Included in Yahoo Sponsored Listings
Yahoo!’s tweaked the sponsored ads by placing images alongside them. This is what the Computers and Internet section of the Yahoo! Directory looks like.

Rumor: Google Looking to Buy Yell?
Of late there’s been speculation that Google’s going to buy Yell, whether or not this is true only time will tell.

Yell is an international directories business which operates in the classified advertising market in the UK, USA, Spain and Latin America.

Interesting New Google Earth Sky Feature
After the launch of Google Earth’s sky feature in August last year, see: Get Ready To Explore Space With Google Earth! made us experience the space in a totally new way.