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What Should A Home Server Cost?

The big unanswered question with Windows Home Server is how much it’ll cost you to get one.

Should Brand Owners Get a Cut from Google?

The Googlejet blog has a pretty original idea: Why not send a cut of brand name AdWords ads to the brand owner?

Apple Unleashes Product Too Good To Be True

Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows me to be a big fan of Microsoft, but even I’m not stupid enough to say that Apple didn’t drop a bombshell today.

Google Looks To Space

As reported by Ionut Alex. Chitu, Google is partnering with scientists who are building a giant sky-scanning telescope, hoping to give the public access to digital photos of space, including asteroids, supernovas and distant galaxies.

Vista RC1 Media Center Time-Bombs

A whole lot of Windows Vista beta testers are miffed to find out that Vista’s Media Center stopped working properly on December 31.

Google Search Appliance New Features

Google’s added a slew of new features to its Search Appliance, making it even more attractive to companies.

Opera User Javascript For Google Services

Ionut Alex links to an Opera user JavaScript designed to help Google services work better with the Opera browser.

RSS Usage Survey Results

Back in September, Microsoft conducted a survey, asking people how they use their RSS readers.

Google Bug Tracker – Unofficial

Philipp posts about Wouter Schut, who decided that if Google was going to do such a poor job responding to users who send them emails about bugs and suggestions, he was going to create a public bug tracking database himself.

Google Maps – Multiple Destinations

Google added a new advanced feature to Google Maps: multiple destinations. Now, if you need to go to more than one place, you can enter more than one destination (by hitting the new “Add destination” link) and get directions to each place in order.

Ask Tests Advanced Search UI

Richard MacManus stumbled on AskX.com, a testing user interface for Ask’s search engine.

Google’s More Tab Expands With Patents and Blogs

Google has added two more links to its expanding “More” box that pops out of its search engine tabs.

Microsofties Hit By Horrible Weather

Seattle was hit bad by violent winds and power outages over the weekend, and Microsoft’s employees blogged their experiences (in many cases only after days of waiting for the power to return). Todd Bishop has a rundown.

ITunes Sales Dropping

The Register writes that, according to numbers from Forrester, Apple’s iTunes Music Store is seeing abysmal sales, with revenues down 65% since January.

New Blogger Version Feature Complete
· 1

The Blogger Buzz blog has announced that the new version of Blogger is now feature complete.

Is There a Future for Skype’s Free US Deal?

Skype has been running a great deal the last few months, letting people living in the US call landlines in the country for free.

Windows Chief Allchin: Id Buy A Mac

An exhibit in an Iowa antitrust case against Microsoft had this tidbit about Jim Allchin, the longtime chief of Windows development:

Microsoft Files for Patent for DVR Advertising

Microsoft has filed for a patent involving ads on Digital Video Recorders. Now, don’t worry, they won’t be inserting ads over your shows; rather, this patent involves ensuring the ads you see are relevant when you see them.

Gmail’s New POP Fetching Feature

Gmail added a new feature that lets Google’s mail site retrieve email from up to five additional email accounts in a single Gmail account.

Google Does Podcasting

Google Base now has a podcast section, along with a special promo page asking podcasters to upload their casts to Base.

Eric Case Talks About Blogger

Ryan Is Hungry has an video interview with Eric Case from Developer Relations and Blogger at Google, with him talking about the growing pains lately of moving Blogger over to the new architecture.

Office 2007 Mac Converters Coming Soon

Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit announced Tuesday that their timetable has them releasing file converters to read Office 2007 file formats in older Mac versions of Office sometime this Spring, probably late March/early April.

Google Lets Click Fraudster Off Scott-Free?

BusinessWeek writes about a case where the U.S. Attorney had a slam-dunk case against a developer of click fraud software, yet they dismissed the charges.

Windows XP “Virtually” Free

Microsoft has done a really cool thing, and made a legal, activated copy of a Windows XP SP2 Virtual PC image available as a free download.