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Anthony Cumia Shows You How To Install Vista

I’m a huge fan of the Opie & Anthony radio program on XM Satellite Radio, have been for years, and over the last week, I’ve heard show host Anthony talking about his experiences with Windows Vista.

Anthony’s had a lot of trouble, running into unsigned drivers, video card drivers that have worse performance in Vista than in XP, and a constant Blue Screen of Death before every install.

YouTube Blindly Follows Viacom’s Demands

Over the last week, Viacom, reportedly after negotiations went nowhere, demanded YouTube remove 100,000 videos.

Now, people are complaining that legitimate videos got swept up in the Great Purge, including this guy who had a video of him and some buddies discussing RSS and OPML, deleted because it occured in a restaurant that shares a name with a CBS personality.

Take Vista Search To The Next Level

Mike Torres writes about a hidden Windows Vista option that gives you a much more powerful search in Windows Vista.

Microsoft Extends Life Extension for Windows XP

Microsoft has announced that extended support for Windows XP Home will be extended five extra years, reaching all the way to April 2014.

Google Australian Flyover Hits Snags

Google had announced that it would be flying over parts of Australia on Australia Day, last week Friday, in order to take photos for Google Earth and Google Maps (Microsoft was doing it, too). Australians were excites, with people planning to build giant signs and write words on the ground, or just wave at the sky, in order to live on for a while in Google’s maps of the country.

The Google Images Redesign

Google has done a terribly unpopular thing, redesigning Google Images so that it presents no new information, no new features, just increases the white space. It could be one of the worst redesigns I’ve ever seen.

Google NY Starting Speaker Series

Google has announced a speaker series to be hosted at their New York City offices, bringing some cool talks at the Google offices for everyone to enjoy.

YouTube Nofollows Most Outgoing Links
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Here’s a shocker: Wikipedia isn’t the only major site that uses “nofollow” on outgoing user-generated links; YouTube does it too.

CompUSA’s Interesting Vista Launch Promotion

CompUSA has announced three promotions for the Windows Vista launch next week.

Google Running More Music Video Adsense Ads

Google has announced a second limited test run of its music video/AdSense program, distributing videos from Sony BMG and Warner Music that contain ads.

The Origami Experience In Action

JKOnTheRun’s latest video features the great new Origami Experience software, the new program launcher/manager for Ultra Mobile PCs that will ship with UMPCs running Windows Vista.

Microsoft Already Testing Windows Vista SP1

God, Microsoft is changing! Windows Vista is coming out soon, and they’re already looking for beta testers for Service Pack 1, which they plan to release in the second half of this year.

Which Sites Have $10 Free Google Checkout Promo?

Download Squad’s Jordan Running took upon the task of discovering which stores, beyond the 15 listed on the promo page, are participating in Google Checkout’s deal that gives ten dollars off the first purchase a new Google Checkout user makes.

Is Google Losing Money Too Fast?

JP Morgan has published a report on how Google Checkout did in 2006, and their findings show that Checkout reached 6% of the 1,100 consumers they surveyed, compared to 42% for PayPal, what I call a good, but not massive, start.

Opera Mobile Switches From Google to Yahoo

Opera Watch reports that both the Opera Mobile browser (for smartphones and PDAs) and the Opera Mini browser (for mobile phones) are switching the default search provider from Google to Yahoo, ending a one-year agreement with Google for default search.

Free Microsoft Analytics Coming

Search Engine Guide writes that Microsoft has confirmed code name: “Gatineau“, a free website analytics package that will roll out later this year.

Why SL Can’t be Taken Seriously

I read this on BoingBoing yesterday:

Google Gadget University Awards

Google handed out awards for the best Google Gadgets by college students.

Google Talk and AIM to Work Together?

Over a year ago, Google paid a billion dollars for a chunk of AOL, and probably the most exciting part of the deal was the announcement that Google Talk and AOL Instant Messenger would probable eventually connect to each other.

Findory Closing Down

Greg Linden delivered some news that just brings my whole day down: Findory, the greatest personalized news site the internet has ever seen, is closing down.

Vista Business Sales Going Faster Than Expected

Sales of Windows Vista Business, considering the “soft launch” that only made it available through very specific business channels and lacked a major launch event, are higher than anyone thought they would be.

What if Google Looked like Yahoo?

Steve Bryant went and basically redesigned the Yahoo homepage as if it were created by Google filled with Google services, and instead of being a jab at either company, it looks great.

MySpace Passed By YouTube On Alexa

Now, no one’s going to suggest YouTube has passed MySpace to become the number one trafficked website on the internet (assuming MySpace is even that), but Google’s aquisition can claim one thing: #5 on Alexa’s rankings.

Yahoo Sets New Standard with Vista Messenger

While no doubt Google’s simple and clean applications have been a hit with some users, I’m really impressed with what Yahoo is showing off in its new Messenger for Windows Vista.