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Feedburner Users Have 8 Days To Hide From Google
Feedburner is informing users they have until June 15, eight days from now, to opt-out of giving Google data on their accounts.

20 Most Misspelled Words on Yahoo
Yahoo recently published the twenty most commonly misspelled words on their search engine. They are:

  1. Wallmart (Wal-Mart)
  2. Rachel Ray (Rachael Ray)
  3. Amtrack (Amtrak)
  4. Hillary Duff (Hilary Duff)
  5. Katherine McPhee (Katharine McPhee)
Mobile Google Calendar
Google released a mobile version of their Calendar site, available at calendar.google.com on your mobile device.

Google Bans Ads For Essay Writing Services
Google has banned essay writing services from advertising on its AdWords platform.

Google Tops PC World Product List

their top products of 2007 list, and as usual it only covers the first few months of 2007. Still, Google should be quite happy, as it took the #1 spot with Google Apps Premier Edition, with PC World basically saying that Google’s $50/year docs/spreadsheet/calendar/email/IM software being the best product right now. In the entire world.

Conclusions? Draw them.

Microsoft Behind Competing Open Document Format

Microsoft announced last week it was supporting ODF, the competing document format used by OpenOffice, backing adding it to the ANSI’s list of business standards. Microsoft is looking to get its own, competing, Open XML format supported by ANSI, so it may think that by supporting its competitor’s bid, it improves its own.

Software Piracy Rate At 35 Percent?

A study by the Business Software Alliance is estimating global software piracy at 35% of all software installed last year, coming out to $40 billion in lost revenue for software makers, with 15% more losses since 2005, $5 billion not going to the people who created the software.

Google Bombs Removed by Separate Algorithm

Matt Cutts confirmed in comments at Search Engine Land exactly what I’ve suspected, that Google defuses Google bombs by using specific code designed to do so.

Mozilla Take’s its Time Getting Mobile

APC Mag has an interview with Mozilla Foundation CEO Mitchell Baker, and he basically said that Mozilla is looking into ways to serve the mobile section of the web browsing market, but plans to drag their feet a little longer. Microsoft has been producing an underpowered mobile browser for years now, but Mozilla has had an abandoned red-headed stepchild of a mobile browser, and Baker basically admits that isn’t going to change just yet.

Google’s New Tagline?
Reuters is saying that Google has a new tagline, “Search, Ads and Apps”, reflecting their new focus. Previous corporate mantras (never really official taglines) were “Don’t Be Evil” and “Organizing the World’s Information”.

MySpace Leads Copyright Infringement Fight
MySpace launched a new feature, called Take Down Stay Down, that prevents users from re-uploading videos that have already been taken down due to copyright infringement. It’s a smart thing, keeping the onus on the DMCA, but at the same time giving the DMCA more teeth, and it shows MySpace’s commitment to keeping infringing content off their site.

Silverlight for Opera

Completely missed in all the talk at Mix about Silverlight, Microsoft’s amazing development platform for rich applications, is the news that Silverlight is coming to the excellent Opera browser.

Microsoft Buys 4% CareerBuilder Stake

Microsoft announced today that it had acquired a 4% stake in jobs site CareerBuilder, taking percentages from the newspapers that own the popular service (1.7% from Tribune, 1.7% from Gannett, and .6% from McClatchy). As part of the deal, CareerBuilder becomes the exclusive provider of job listings on MSN Careers, and Microsoft is guaranteed at least $443 million over the next seven years.

Media Companies Viewing Google as the Enemy
Media companies have started sending a message that they view Google as the enemy. Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons described Google and its ilk as Custer in his last stand.
Migrate Your AdSense Account…
So, two weeks ago I talked about how Google is starting the process of migrating every AdSense account to a Google Account, something that anyone with an AdWords account is going to find problematic. See, you can’t have an AdWords account and an AdSense account on the same Google account, due to technical restrictions. Luckily, if you don’t use AdWords much, and even if you do, there’s a good solution.

MeasureMap Behind Google Analytics Redesign
I suspected that either MeasureMap was a wasted acquisition, or they were being tasked with fixing the overcomplicated and user-unfriendly interface that Google Analytics bore. As recently as yesterday, I asked “What happened to MeasureMap”? Well, turns out that yesterday’s redesign of Google Analytics, while something most people haven’t seen yet, is a success, was done by those same MeasureMap guys. Why am I not suprised?

Google Base Changes Vertical Search Results
Google Base has a bunch of search verticals, mini search engines built on data uploaded to Base, and they’ve changed the results format of those search engines. The old:

Everybody Sues YouTube
Several news items regarding YouTube lawsuits came through yesterday:

New Version of Google Analytics Launched
Google today is launching a much-improved interface for Google Analytics, according to Andy Beal. Andy has screenshots of the new interface (which I cannot access as of this writing), which has much bolder graphics to enable clearer to understand graphs, email reports, customizable dashboards so you get the data you want, and plainer language used to describe part of the interface.

Might Gmail Be Moving to Unlimited Storage?
The FON blog reprinted a letter from FON CEO Martin Varsavsky about them moving from Microsoft to Linux. It includes this portion (emphasis mine):

Google Tests Gadget Ads
Google is testing a program to put ads in Google Gadgets on websites. The Gadget would basically be a non-traditional ad unit, one with interactive parts as opposed to a pitch and a link.

New Yahoo Search Results Redesign
Karl Ribas noticed this completely different Yahoo search results design:

1.53 Billion Verdict Against Microsoft Approved

A judge approved a February ruling against Microsoft, ordering the company to pay $1.53 billion to Alcatel-Lucent to end a degital music patent lawsuit. A jury had decided that Windows Media Player infringed on Lucent’s patents, and the judge just decided that Microsoft has to pay it. Microsoft has a hearing on June 20 to get this week’s Supreme Court ruling to get the judgement to only apply to U.S. sales of Windows, which would probably knock over $800 million off the judgement.

Google Board Votes Down Proposal Against Censorship
Recently, a number of groups that own shares in Google put forth a shareholder proposal that would require Google to resist government censorship efforts, and to notify users when consorship had occured despite Google’s best efforts. Wenesday, Google’s board of directors issued a recommendation that the proposal be voted down, ensuring the proposal will never have a chance, since the big three of Page, Brin and Schmidt hold 66.2% of all voting power.