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Expo Gets PayPal, More Features

Windows Live Expo, Microsoft’s community classifieds system, has added some new features.

How To: Delay Emails In Outlook

There are plenty of good reasons to want an email to go out at a different hour than when you wrote it (the most obvious: to fake what hours you do work during). Lifehacker has the instructions for older versions of Outlook.

Yahoo Deals With Current…

In a strange turn of events, Yahoo is launching a big effort with Current TV, which has until now partnered well with Google.

Windows Vista Shortcut: Windows + Number

Windows Vista features an easy shortcut to your first nine Quick Launch programs. Just hit the Windows key on your keyboard (the one with the Microsoft logo) plus a number.

Whats The ROI On Suicide Clickers?

One site admin talks about why he isn’t paying for suicide anymore:

No Pirate Day For Google

Google’s only interest in pirates is keeping them out of Google Video, as it has opted out of Talk Like A Pirate Day, which comes every year on September 19.

New Version Of Windows Live Mail Desktop

The Windows Live Mail Desktop team has released a new version.

Next Office For Mac Revealed

APC Magazine has the exclusive: Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit is already halfway done building the next release of Microsoft Office for the Apple Mac.

Engadget Interviews J Allard On Zune

Engadget has a long and good interview with J Allard, the man behind the Zune, about his ideas for the Zune platform.

A Look at Googles Development Philosophy

Rakesh Agrawal has extensive notes on a talk Carl Sjogreen gave explaining how Google built Google Calendar.

Google Fighting G-Mail In Germany

Google is locked in a trademark battle in Germany for the right to use the name Gmail for its mail service.

Finally! MSN Search Is No More!

After days of typing in “joe”* into the search box atop MSN.com, I finally got Windows Live Search, instead of MSN Search.

Office 2007 Technical Refresh Now Available

The Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh (wow! spiffy name!) is now available for download. Just go to this page.

Atlas Gets Normal Name

Microsoft’s Atlas, a set of tools and technologies designed to make coding in AJAX easier, has finally gotten a product name, or rather, a set of product names (AJAX is short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, a popular mix of existing technologies).

Hacking The Vista Screensavers

Long Zheng has posted instructions for changing the options in the screensavers that come with Windows Vista RC1.

Google Adds Recommendation Widget

Google has added a new homepage widget that shows you “Interesting Items” personalized for you based on your search history. The module displays recommended searches, web pages and homepage gadgets Google thinks you’d be interested in.

Touchscreen Media Center

Inteset has designed a 17-inch widescreen touchscreen that is designed to let you run all of Windows Media Center with just your fingers.

Americans With Disabilities Act: For The Web?

It’s a huge question: Should the Americans with Disabilities Act apply to online businesses as much as it should to brick-and-mortar stores?

Yahoo Loses ESPN Ad Contract

Yahoo is no longer serving contextual text link ads on ESPN’s website, losing the publisher to rival Quigo, who scored a multi-year agreement.

Bill Gates Donated To Charity

Here’s a roundup of a few Windows Vista news items:

What’s The Better Value: Vista or Mac OS?

There’s a lot of confusion going around. Chris Pirillo acts like Windows Vista Ultimate, at $400, will be what most users pay, and that Mac OS is much cheaper.

Google News Archive: Things You Should Know

Gary Price has blogged over at Resource Shelf a huge post about Google News’ new Archive Search.

Google News Archive

Google has debuted a new service that allows you to search news archives dating back something like two hundred years.

Would XP AND Vista be a Bad Move?

In a word: Yes.