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Google Docs & Spreadsheets Launches

Check it: docs.google.com.

TechCrunch already has an overview.

Yahoos Time Capsule

Yahoo is asking users to submit photos, writings, videos, audio, anything they want to contribute to an electronic anthropology project: An internet-based time capsule to show off 2006 to future generations.

Create Backronyms With Google Code Search
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Luke Metcalfe writes about how, since Google Code Search allows regular expressions, you can type a string and find out if it can be used as an acronym.

Microsoft Revokes MVP Status For AdWare Bundling

Cyril Paciullo, known as Patchou, lost his Most Valuable Professional standing from Microsoft after complaints that his popular program, Windows Live Messenger Plus, contained AdWare.

Bye, Audioblogger

Turns out Blogger’s Audioblogger service, where you could post to Blogger by phone, was actually run by Odeo.

Office 2007 Beta Closes As RTM Begins

Office 2007 has entered the RTM process, and should actually be released to manufacturing in the next few weeks, according to an email from Microsoft.

Google Launches Code Search

Valleywag had the early, embargo-smashing scoop, and now Google has launched a new search engine for source code.

AOL OpenRide

Have you seen AOL’s OpenRide? It isn’t for everyone, but for a lot of users, OpenRide looks amazing.

Google Germany Reunification Doodle

Google Germany is running a Doodle in honor of the 16th anniversary of the day East and West Germany became one.

Rescuecom Sued Google To Get Publicity

I felt appalled while reading David Parmet’s blog post. Apparently, he met with Rescuecom 18 months ago to discuss some of their expansion plans, which included suing Google mostly in order to drum up publicity.

60,000 To Install Vista On Launch Day

It’s been many months, so you may have forgotten, but Windows Vista is going to have a bit of a strange rollout.

Is Google Protecting Your Publisher ID?

Jensense writes that a growing number of publishers are seeing hackers edit their websites, substituting the publisher’s AdSense ID for another, in order to basically steal that publisher’s revenue.

Google Talk: Now For Everyone

Perhaps realizing that limiting to just the audience of Gmail created an unnecessary barrier, Google now allows absolutely anyone to create an account for use with Google Talk. Good call!

Being Honest With Windows In China

One blogger decided to try to be honest and buy a legal copy of Windows XP in China, and found out the hard way that honesty just wasn’t going to pan out.

Facebook Etiquette For Bloggers?

I saw that Dave Winer had created a Facebook group for Scripting News readers, so I signed up for Facebook to join up.

Google AdWords Fridge On eBay

The fridge gifted to AdWords 1,000,000 hit high-spenders (the one with the Google logo and the words “Cooler Thinking”) is being auctioned up by one eBayer who found no use for it.

MapQuest Beta?

Yesterday, I saw some new features on MapQuest, including draggable maps.

List Of Vista-Incompatible Apps
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There’s a wiki collecting a list of applications incompatible with Windows Vista, as well as those known to work and those known to have some problems.

Microsoft Meeting Snarls Traffic

Microsoft held it’s company meeting at Safeco Field (where the Seattle Mariners play), and area drivers were not happy.

Microsoft Looking At Incentives For Soapbox

AdWeek reports that Microsoft is considering what kind of incentives it can offer for those who make heavy use of its Soapbox video storage/sharing service.

Findory Dumps Google Ads For Amazon

Findory, the personalization startup that remains my favorite news source, has switched its ad system from Google AdSense to Amazon Associates.

Media Player 11 DRM Terms Stricter

There’s some serious differences between the DRM terms between Windows Media Player 10 and 11. Most specifically, this section:

Live Search To Be Embedded In Nokia S60 Phones

Microsoft and Nokia announced an agreement to integrate Windows Live Search into its Mobile Search platform, bringing it to Nokia S60 devices.

Writely Now On Google Accounts

The Google Account implementation is now live at Writely.com.