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Gmail Mobile Released

Google has released a new helper application for Gmail, located at gmail.com/app on your phone.

Google Video Gains Free NHL Videos

The NBA has terminated its sale of game videos on Google Video, a partnership that would have been ten months old tomorrow. That would typically indicate either dissatisfaction with Google’s video store model, the NBA wanting more money, or something else entirely (like the YouTube deal).

Vista Ultimate Extras

One of the major unanswered questions about Windows Vista is what exactly Vista’s Ultimate Extras will be.

Google Buys JotSpot

Joe Kraus of JotSpot announces on the official Google blog that Google has acquired them.

Wheres The Marketing For Zune?

Zunerama’s right: Where the hell is the big advertising push for Microsoft’s Zune?

Google Founder Shacking Up In New NYC Digs

One of Google’s super-billionaire founders, either Sergey Brin or Larry Page, has bought a new apartment in Manhattan, ponying up as much as $30 million for an apartment at 15 Central Park West in New York City.

How Bad is Windows Vista Home Basic?

Yes, Windows Vista Home Basic is not the world’s greatest operating system. Unlike XP Home, the cheapest version of Vista is actually missing a lot of things Windows enthusiasts will consider necessities.

Should Microsoft Have Its Own Retail Stores?

Ross Rubin, contributing at Engadget, makes a compelling case for Microsoft opening up its own retail stores, in order to see the kind of success companies like Apple and Nintendo have enjoyed, either with multiple retail locations driving sales, or a flagship store increasing visibility.

Google to Reorganize Accounts System

Richard MacManus writes about the talk that Google is preparing a reorganization of its accounts system to put a single manager in charge of each account, a system designed to maximize what Google can get from each advertiser.

Google Maps Eliminates Usability Mistake

Gogole Maps had one incredibly annoying feature: Click the name of your search result in the balloon on the map, and get transported to a new page with more info on the result, including a mini-map and search results. While the more info page was very useful, the fact that it was a new page and appeared in the same tab made it very annoying, since you had to go Back to the map, and hope it reloaded correctly.

Windows Defender for XP Leaves Beta

Microsoft has released another fine piece of software, Windows Defender for Windows XP. Some new features the final release has over the most recent beta:

Google Blogging Accident

Eric Case writes on the Blogger Buzz blog about a recent case where a Googler accidentally posted to an official Google blog a post meant for her personal blog. Embarressing? Yes. Silly? Yup. Serious security concern? Uh, no.

Google’s Custom Search Engine

Google unveiled a new feature for Google Co-Op called Custom Search Engine.

IE7 Search Box

Want to add a new search engine to the search box in either Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 2? Well, it’s easy: Just browser a directory of search engines and cl-

Google Earth Goes To The Polls

Ionut. Alex reports that Google Earth now contains an information layer about the upcoming U.S. midterm elections.

Sony Is Inaccurate

Microsoft’s Gamerscore blog has a response to that crap-filled Sony chart that suggested the PS3 was somehow cheaper than the Xbox 360.

Cool New Media Center Applications

Chris Lanier posts about two cool new Media Center apps.

Google Adjusting Its Hiring Process

The Wall Street Journal has an article today about how Google is adjusting its hiring process following years of criticism, as its needs for a ton of more employees have outstripped its desire to put every candidate through hell.

Google Opens Orkut To All

Google has (finally) removed the invite barrier to Orkut, letting anyone with a Google account register for the service.

No XP SP3 Until 2008

Windows XP Service Pack 3 won’t show until the first half of 2008, according to Microsoft’s Service Pack Roadmap page.

Google Not Having Luck Hiring In India

The Times Of India reports that Google has had trouble finding enough quality talent to hire for its Indian offices.

What If Google Had Bought Friendster?

The New York Times is running an article about Friendster’s woes, and latest attempts to revive itself. Naturally, it begins with Google.

Windows Vista Picture Clearing Up

Two stories that have been making the rounds over the weekend:

Should The March Of Dimes Get A Doodle?

November 14 is Prematurity Awareness Day, and the March of Dimes would like Google to highlight this fact with a Google Doodle.