About Naseem Javed

Naseem Javed of http://www.naseemjaved.com, is a syndicated columnist, author of Naming for Power, Founder of ABC Namebank International, www.abcnamebank.com world-renowned lecturer, and an expert on corporate naming issues. Naseem is a committed follower of sobriety in corporate and communication strategies and a harsh critic of the "beer commercial" mentality on naming and the influence of voodoo branding on our culture. A hilarious speaker, he has a powerful message on why Global Name Identities are on fire.
A Brand New War of the Words Just Started

The war of words between oversize American cuisine and fatty French gourmet food is just a big joke, oui monsieur? Suddenly, French wines are being poured out on the sidewalks.

Change Now, Change Later

Why do corporate image and Name Identities die a slow death?

Corporate Image & Trustworthiness

Corporate image-makers and brand agencies have only hurt themselves by ignoring the correct methodologies required for proper naming. Agencies asking sub-contractors to hire free-lancers to do their brainstorming and run focus groups.