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Nine Options for Managing Persistent User State in Your ASP.NET Application

Since the dawn of the Web, managing state in the stateless world of HTTP has been a problem for Web developers. More recently, various techniques for storing and retrieving data have emerged. In this article I will describe how ASP.NET developers can maintain or pass state across page requests.

Manipulate XML Data Easily with Integrated Readers and Writers in the .NET Framework

About three years ago, I left a software conference believing that no future programming would be possible without a strong understanding of XML. XML has indeed come a long way since the early days, finding its way into even the deepest recesses of common programming frameworks. In this article, I’ll review the role and internal characteristics of the Microsoft .NET Framework API that deals with XML documents and then I’ll move on to address a few open points.

Building a Desktop News Aggregator

Like most people who spend time online, I have a number of Web sites I read on a daily basis. I recently noticed that I was checking an average of five to ten Web sites every other hour when I wanted to see if there were any new articles or updates to the content on a site. This prompted me to investigate the likelihood of creating a desktop application that would do all the legwork for me and alert me when new content appeared on my favorite Web sites.