About Mridu Khullar

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Freelance Writing on the Internet

So, you’ve decided to take up a freelancing career in writing. You’ve hooked up the computer, installed the printer, and learnt the nitty-gritty of your word processor. You’ve maybe even got a couple of published clips. You’re all set to conquer the online world of publishing. But wait. Do you know all the options available to you?

The Language of Freelance Marketing

Newbies usually enter the world of publishing with the notions of submitting articles, receiving prompt replies and getting published. After all, the next-door-neighbor did just that, and now she has a byline and everything. Maybe your neighbor’s lucky. Maybe she’s lying. In all probability, she’s established.

Choose the Right Subject Line for your Ezine

How many times have you opened up a mail thinking it was something personal, only to find that it was nothing but spam? There are ways by which spam can be identified and most of the net community is aware of the common techniques that are used.