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Advertising Auctions: An Unstoppable Force?

Welcome to the brave new world of convergence, one in which the Web more closely resembles TV, and new forms of TV advertising rely on methods and technologies which proved their worth on the Web.

Google Plus Verizon SuperPages: Good for Small Biz ROI?
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The Local Search future is rosy, but it will also be rocky for many small businesses unless the complexities of running ads in this medium are laid out in advance.

Thinking Beyond PPC Bidding Wars

While bidding war tactics are intriguing to learn about, the costs of engaging in bidding wars are high, and these costs extend beyond the extra money marketers must pay to the search engines to engage in them.

Google Adds Demographic Targeting to its Contextual Ad Network

Many marketers will likely find Google’s new demographic features interesting and useful. The big question is: when will Google add such capabilities to Search campaigns?

MSN adCenter Open Enrollment

Precise demographic targeting is the wave of the future, and adCenter has delivered an advanced platform that’s poised to deliver enormous value to search marketers.

Microsoft’s adCenter PPC ad platform has excited search marketers since it appeared in beta form last year. Why? Because for the first time, we can target searchers by age, gender and to some extent, by lifestyle.

Google, Censorship, and Search Marketing

From a search marketing perspective, censorship, or put nicely, “content regulation,” is something that we’ve been living with on Google and the other engines for years.

Google’s Second Big Print Buying Test

Google has some obstacles to overcome before it can convince more than a handful of Adwords advertisers that print is a medium worth investing in, even if pages are purchased at a steep discount.

GBuy the Google Wallet is Vital to Googles Future

Google has a long way to go before it can catch eBay’s PayPal, which has almost 100 million user accounts. But by coupling the power of search to a stored payment system, Google might be able to recruit a critical mass of users quickly, and GBuy could, over the period of just a few months, become a formidable competitor.

SEMPO Wrestles With SEM Industry Issues

SEMPO (The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) represents the Search Marketing industry’s attempt to develop a unified voice.

Google’s Wall Street Drama: Does It Matter?

The numbers that mattered last week had nothing to do with Google’s share price: they came from WebSideStory, which found that search ads resulted in a conversion rate of 2.3 percent, more than twice as high as conversions from non-search ad placements.

Googles Move Into Radio: What Does it Mean?

Google made headlines last week when it agreed to pay $1.1 billion for dMarc, a Newport Beach-based company that makes a suite of radio station automation tools.