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Culture Shock on Madison Avenue

Last week’s announcement that the Interpublic Group acquired Reprise Media set off a round of self-congratulatory praise up and down Madison Avenue.  It was as though they stopped hitting the snooze button and finally addressed the importance of search in any advertising campaign.  But take a close look beyond the buzzwords like “integration” and “broad marcom mix,” because the acquisitions and partnerships merely put a pretty face on some of the deep, troubling issues at play.

Beyond the SEM Bells and Whistles

There’s a lot more to search engine marketing than examining the pros and cons of all the hot new Google AdWords services. 

Will I be Sued for Supporting Piracy?

Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer, and nothing I say should be taken as any sort of informed legal opinion.

If SEO is Rocket Science, I’m a Pretzel

Thank heavens that the SEO contest to rank #1 in Google for “Dave Pasternack” has finally revealed the truth: SEO is rocket science. It’s clearly rocket science. This frog can finally be free to express his true feelings, and boy, let me tell ya, it sure is liberating.

SEM is on The Verge of a Paradigm Shift

There’s been a lot of soul-searching that’s been going on in the world of SEM lately and it’s good for everybody. Some of this introspection has doubtless been stimulated by the comments of my boss, Dave Pasternack, when he noted that "SEO is Not Rocket Science," but as pointed out by others, including Danny Sullivan and Gord Hotchkiss, both the SEO and Paid Search components of what we call SEM are on the cusp of a paradigm change.

Google and Yahoo’s Campaign Management

Advertisers must carefully weigh pros and cons when considering whether or not to use Google and Yahoo’s automated bid optimization tools. The two biggest PPC search advertising networks are getting into the campaign optimization act, Google with its "Budget Optimizer" tool and Yahoo with its "Campaign Optimization" tool. While the cost can’t be beat (hint: they’re free), in general marketers should avoid giving the networks the keys to the car.

The Dark Side of Interactive Marketing Isn’t So Dark

Privacy advocates are busy stirring the pot over the allegedly illicit invasiveness of behaviorally targeted ads, but a close examination of available data reveals that their hand-wringing is little more than hot air.

The Efficient Middleman

SEM clients who deal directly with the search engines expose themselves to greater inefficiencies than those who hire agencies.

Critiquing Google’s Customer Support
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In my last column, I scoured the web, drumming up angry AdWords users from the depths of blogs and message boards and consolidating their suffering into a plaintive against Google’s customer service.

The New AAA Club: Angry AdWords Advertisers

In May 2005, a CNN article quoted Dana Todd, president of SEMPO as saying: “Google has always beenworse than bad [at customer service.]”

The Web Is a Remote Control, Not a Medium

The scales on the back of my amphibian neck contract whenever I hear otherwise intelligent people refer to the Web as a “medium.”

Cool Today, a Joke Tomorrow?

I had the opportunity to sit down and share pizza with a bunch of teenagers this weekend. Naturally, I quizzed them about their media consumption habits.

Notes on the Google-YouTube Deal

Most of the discussion about Google’s acquisition of Youtube.com has focused on two issues: first, whether Google overspent or underspent on the popular video-sharing site, and whether the acquisition was a wise one, given possible copyright liabilities Google may now be exposing itself to, given the free-wheeling and seldom policed nature of Youtube’s user-generated videos.

What Yahoos Problems Mean for Search Marketing

Last week, Yahoo’s announcement that online ad sales growth was slowing sent Wall Street, and the wider business world, into quite a tizzy.

Whats Ahead For Auction Media?

The advertising industry is being rocked by seismic changes. Internet-based advertising has become the fastest-growing advertising sector, growing by 18.9 percent in the first half of 2006, according to TNS Media Intelligence.

The Auction Media FAQ

Google’s plan to adapt its auction-based advertising system to non-search and offline media, plus the gathering momentum of eBay’s E-Media Exchange, have caused the term “Auction Media” to begin appearing more frequently in industry news coverage.

Countdown to Google Radio

Things have been quiet since Google acquired radio automation firm dMarc in January. At that time, Google laid down just over a hundred million dollars for dMarc, which had already built a successful network of some 4,700 radio stations using its ad scheduling and reporting software.

Fear and Loathing on Madison Avenue

Madison Avenue is running scared. Its recent “upfront” – a glitzy annual ritual in which broadcasters give sneak peaks of their upcoming seasons to advertisers and book billions of dollars in advance bookings for these shows – was a dud whose $8.95 billion take represented the third successive year of decline.

Summer Search Chores

“Summertime, and the searchin’ is easy. Clicks are jumpin’, and you’ve got ROI”

Top 10 Incredibly Stupid Landing Page Blunders Revealed!

Marketers are investing a lot of money in PPC ads, but it appears that too many of them are neglecting the quality of their landing pages.

Google Adds Value to Adwords
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Competition for your Search marketing dollars is heating up, and all of the major engines have announced that major upgrades to their ad serving platforms are in the works.

Is Your In-House SEM Team on the Verge of Burnout?

When SEMPO (the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) conducted its annual “State of Search” report in late 2005, it found that just about two-thirds of respondents planned to manage their SEM efforts in-house in 2006, rather than outsourcing the task to an agency.

How Microsoft Could Win The Search Wars

There’s been a lot of news recently about Microsoft’s new efforts to take on Google. Much of the visible battle concerns IE 7.0, Microsoft’s in-Beta browser, which contains a search box whose default setting points to MSN’s search.

What to Do When Your SEO Project Stalls

Your SEO project is drifting, and you’re getting angry, because your customers can’t find your site, and your competitors are circling like jackals. What do you do?