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I Hate My Boss. How Can I Stay Motivated?
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I’d like to tell you a story about a fellow “Wiz-dom” subscriber who wrote me with a story of workplace woe. “Sally” likes her job, but has a hard time staying productive and motivated to do a good job because she hates her boss.

Mellow Yellow

For those of you youngsters out there, you might not remember the ultra groovy song of the sixties whose toe tapping refrain stated “they call me mellow yellow”

The Impact of Stress

In past issues I’ve focused on ways you can decrease your stress levels. Today I’d like to give you some insight into why it is so important to be aware of the impact stress has on our lives.

Positive Reinforcement: A Cure for Workplace Woes.

The Workplace. It’s really become a stress-fest lately, hasn’t it? With reduced hiring, cutbacks and layoffs, everyone is doing more at work than ever before. Well, almost everyone. There are always those few entitled employees out there who feel that all they have to do is show up to earn their paycheck. But that’s another story altogether – and one I’ll cover in an upcoming issue!!

Get Nose-y!!!

Yep – get nose-y. But not the Mrs. Kravitz-spying on the neighbors type of nosy that you might think I’m talking about.

Extreme Goal Setting

So predictable…an article about goal setting right in time for those obligatory New Year’s Resolutions. I agree – predictable. But for me, the possibility of setting personal goals always stirs up a sense of excitement.

Dont Forget to Breathe

Yeah, right – forget to breathe? That seems like the only thing in our fast-paced lives that we don’t have to worry about. Unless we’re not breathing at all, but that’s another thing altogether.

Work/Life Balance: Pipe Dream or Possibility?

So which is it? A pipe dream or a possibility? For those of you who haven’t recently experienced the joy of a balanced life, then I can guess your answer.

Addicted to Email: A Survivors Story.

The following is a story of a fellow ezine subscriber, Joe, who had a terrible addiction to email. Not internet porn, or gambling, or even drugs – but email. Funny, huh? Not so funny to Joe. Read his story and then I’ll describe what Joe did to overcome this problem.

Rock On Dude!

Did you know that listening to music has an amazing stress-reduction effect? And guess what? Even heavy metal music can produce the same beneficial, mind-soothing effects as other, shall we say, kindler, gentler music.

Aromatherapy and Stress

You’re probably all aware of what the aromatherapy concept is all about, but did you know that research has proven it to be effective in treating stress? But before we get to that, let’s review a bit about what aromatherapy is and does.

Take a Nap!

Take a nap at work? Try that one and you might find yourself with plenty of time on your hands to take a nap at home!

Turn off the news!!

Now wait a minute. Was that gasp really called for? You can’t be that addicted to the news, can you?

The Little Corporation Who Cried Wolf

Recently I was working with a client, Bob, on a problem he was experiencing at work. He’s a VP for a high-tech company who has gone through more re-orgs, mergers, acquisitions and other corporate changes than I could possibly begin to remember.

Take A Visual Trip To Your Golden Place

Ah, traveling to the Golden Place. A veritable visual voyage. How lovely it is going to this beautiful, magical place where you can just relax and forget about your cares…

The Burnout Test

Interested in finding out just how stressed out you really are? I ran across this cool little online test and thought you guys might want to take it.

Chug It!

Familiar with the term, “chug it?” My guess is that most of you probably are. But the product I’m suggesting you chug, is not the one you ususally associate with this term.

The 3 Keys to Conducting Great Interviews

I know a manager named Fred. What a guy. He cares about his Employees, he asks for their input and he interacts with them frequently. Fred is a great manager.

Muscle Relaxation to the Max!

You’ve heard about the benefits of relaxing your muscles in order to reduce stress, right?

Back off!

Are you one of the millions of people who suffer with lower back pain and strain? Think you are doomed to a life of steroid injections and anti-inflammatory drugs?

Walk it Off!!!

“Walk if off, pal!”

Documentation Your Management Insurance Policy

Today we talk about a necessary evil in the life of the manager. And you can thank fellow reader Nancy of California for suggesting that I write an article about this scintillating topic Don’t you just love spending your time documenting? It’s such a joy to sit and write down every detail of a situation. And usually those situations which need to be documented fall into the “challenging” category, right? So, as you document, you get to re-live each and every moment of a confrontational or controversial situation. What a blast!

Does Your Boss Have Your Back?

Do you ever feel like you’re going it alone on the choppy corporate seas? Feel like you really don’t have a strong support system of people who are there to look out for your best interests? No cadre of colleagues who are there to lend an ear or a hand?

Micro-management: Necessary evil or just plain evil?

Micro-management. It’s a fact of management life. What I want to know is why so many people hate to be micro-managed yet so many managers continue to do it?