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Don’t Work With Jerks: How to Recognize a Difficult Client Early and Make Your Business Stress-Fre/e

Five minutes into the call I knew this client was going to make my life miserable. The problem was, I already said “Yes.”

How to Organize a Successful & Profitable Teleclass

Imagine sitting on your porch and watching your kids play in the backyard. At the same time, you are holding a telephone and talking to 20 people from other states, Canada, Australia, UK, and other places all over the world. Modern technology made this possible!

“How to Promote Your Coaching Practice with Book Discussion Groups”

If you enter a room with 300 people, chances are you won’t find a single coach there. That’s why when I arrived at a local women’s networking group in a small town of York Pennsylvania, I was surprised to meet Barbara Hagler, a local life coach with a unique business name, Spa for the Soul.

“You Know You Are an Entrepreneur If…”

You know you are an entrepreneur if…

You Are an Entrepreneur If…

1. You wake up in the middle of the night to write down a hot product idea that just came to you, because you are afraid you might forget it by morning.

7 Ways to Supplement Your Income During Career Transition

It is important to your peace of mind to have a supplemental income while you’re working on starting up your own business. Before you make any decisions, create an inventory of your skills and knowledge. This will be important when you start looking for ways to earn extra cash.

Just Because You’re Good, Doesn’t Mean You’ll Get Clients

Do you ever notice how many talented people live in the world? Musicians, artists, actors, dancers. Many of them are so good, you wonder why they never become famous.

Marketing Without Results? How to Fix it Today!

Cindy, a professional life coach, has been frustrated with the results her marketing efforts have been producing lately. Despite everything she is doing, the outcome is still not what she is looking for in her bottom line.

Your Web Designer Left You… Now What?

If you rely solely on your web designer, you may find yourself wondering how to take care of your web site if he or she can no longer maintain it for you.

If I could start over… Lessons learned in e-publishing business

As my online business approaches its 1st anniversary, I look back on my efforts and results, trying to summarize and draw conclusions. What would I have done differently if I had to start from scratch again? What could I have done better? If you are just starting out in an information publishing business, or thinking about going into an e-business, the information I will share with you could be absolutely priceless as I will speak completely from personal experience.

If I had to do all over again, here are the things I would do differently:

18 Ways To Sell Your Knowledge From Home

If you have some expert knowledge on a popular or hot subject, and not doing anything about it, you may be losing hundreds or thousands of dollars every month. Even if you are already consulting clients and writing articles on this topic, you can still maximize your profit potential. All you need to do is put your expertise in different formats and create a nice passive income flow.

How to give your small business web site a corporate look

Just because you work out of your home office, doesn’t mean you are less professional. Still many people today will not take you seriously if they see you talk from the “first face” (“I” instead of “we”, “mine” instead of “ours”).

There is a remedy for this problem. You can create a professional, more corporate look on your web site using the skillful techniques I will share with you here.

1. Create a high quality logo on your web site. If you don’t consider yourself a good graphic designer, hire a professional. The owner of gotlogos.com can give you an excellent quality for only $25.00. There is no good reason not to have it done.

Web Design Troubleshooting Guide

Getting your web site to look right can sometimes be a hair-pulling experience. Even for professional web designers! I can only imagine how frustrated many newbies can get.

Let me share with you some of the common problems in designing a well-functioning web site. If you haven’t made these mistakes yet – trust me: you will! Keep this troubleshooting guide handy for when you need it.

E-book Theft: What To Do When It Happens To You

Checking my e-mail one Sunday morning, I immediately noticed a message. A chill went down my spine. The subject line said, “your e-book has been stolen”.

How NOT to Start Your Business

This subject is familiar to many solo entrepreneurs. Yet you will rarely see it discussed openly. It is a side effect of selling a good product. Sort of a “bonus” that comes with being successful.

Web Site Start-up and Promotion Guide For Professionals

The biggest problem I’ve always had promoting my web site is keeping myself focused. After all, what should I be doing? Publishing my own e-zine, placing classified ads, looking for link exchange partners, writing articles… My head is beginning to spin just from trying to list all the promotion strategies available today!