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2.5 Terabyte Hard Drives by 2009?

Hard drive titan Seagate says that increasing hard disk densities could mean 4,000 hours of video on your PC, or TiVo, by 2009.

Norway and Netherlands Threaten Fines for iTunes

Consumer protection agencies from Norway and the Netherlands have threatened to take legal action against Apple unless iTunes file-sharing limitations are lifted by later this year.

High-Capacity Photon Storage

Scientists at the University of Rochester have stored an entire image-worth of data within a single photon, promising unsurpassed quantities of data storage for the era of quantum computing that lies before us.

Sony Files for Skin-Powered Headphones Patent

Engineers at Sony are developing a set of wireless headphones that use a person’s skin to transmit a signal between the headpiece and music source.

Vista Vouchers to Entice Holiday PC Buyers

Microsoft recently announced an Express Upgrade Voucher that will allow consumers who buy Windows XP PCs a less costly upgrade to Windows Vista when it’s released at the end of January.

Tokyo U Develops 512-Core Processor

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a processor that uses 512 cores to achieve up to 512 billion floating point operations per second.

Apple Documents Mention Touch-Screen iPod

While Steve Jobs and his Apple lackies are notorious for being tight-lipped about upcoming products, an Apple feature-guide editor may have accidentally confirmed upcoming touch-screen iPod models.

Comedy Central Gives YouTube OK

After demanding that YouTube remove all of its copyrighted videos last week, Comedy Central has given YouTube the okay to continue hosting video of its TV shows.

Are Information Exams the Next SATs?

The company that produces the Student Aptitude Test is developing a new Information and Communication Technology (ICT) exam that tests skills such as computer proficiency and search engine aptitude, and may soon be as relevant as the SAT itself.

Warner Partners with Brightcove to Mimic YouTube

Warner Music Group signed a deal with Internet video provider Brightcove that will spread Warner-owned videos around the web in a free, ad-supported form.

AMD Acquires ATI, Announces CPU-GPU Combo

After several months of regulation-jumping and board-voting-formalities, AMD has officially gotten the green light to acquire graphics-leader ATI.

MacBook Pro Laptops 39% Faster With Core 2 Duo

Apple updated its flagship MacBook Pro notebooks with Intel Core 2 Duo processors today, claiming an enormous leap in performance over the previous generation.

Dell to Get Rugged with Notebooks / Tablet PC Versions

PC powerhouse Dell is looking to expand their notebook lineup by adding some beat-em-up rugged laptops and ultraportables to the mix.

IBM Sues Amazon

IBM has filed two lawsuits against Amazon.com for violating a number of its patents, all of which seem to involve the basis of Amazon’s operation.

EU to Censor Online Video Content?

The British Government is seeking to stop an EU directive that would force any website featuring video clips to register as a Television-Like Service.

Certified Wireless USB – Mainstream by Year’s End

Despite a brash of delays that have plagued the progress of wireless USB, the 480 megabits per second technology should find its way into the mainstream by the end of the year.

Wikipedia Founder to Unveil Citizendium

Wikipedia founder Larry Sanger plans to unveil Citizendium, a Wikipedia facsimile that adds user registration and editorial control.

iPhone Coming in January?

A recent trademark filing by Apple for the iPhone moniker all but solidifies that a mobile mp3-media-gaming-wifi-everything phone could be announced as early as January.

YouTube Clones Hammered by Universal

In a move that may be foreboding for the recent Google-YouTube merger, Universal Music Group is suing video-sharing sites Bolt.com and Grouper for copyright infringement.