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6 Tips for Dealing with Angry Callers

There’s no avoiding it: sooner or later the voice at the other end of the phone call will get nasty. Here are some simple tips to help defuse the situation.

Cash-Pulling Freelance Photo Gigs

With a little imagination, there are almost endless ways to make money with your camera. And you don’t need to have a “nice” camera with a wide assortment of lenses, either. I’ve listed a baker’s dozen ideas here, but as you read, many more variations will occur to you — be sure to keep a notepad and pen handy!

Business Idea: Profit-Pulling Pickets

The news media tend to give disproportionate publicity to anyone who parades around carrying a picket sign. Even more attractive to the media is several people parading around with picket signs!

Earn Money & Lose Weight With This Great Home Biz Idea

If you walk to lose weight, here is a way you can earn a extra $100-500 a week for taking your daily walk. How about starting a flyer advertising service?

How To Start & Run Your Own Firewood Supply Business

If your an outdoors type who is not afraid of a little hard work, supplying firewood can bring you a nice income every year.

A Micro-Entrepreneur’s Most Valuable Resource

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are roughly 25 million small business in the United States. They account for 47% of all sales, 55% of innovations, and 35% of all federal contracts. And the rate of small business bankruptcies are at the lowest point in 19 years!

The Only HTML Writers Need to Know

You’re a writer, not a webmaster. But if you are writing for publication on a Web site, your editor may ask you to provide the basic HTML formatting for your work. Don’t panic.

7 Tips for Effective E-Mail

E-mail is quickly becoming the dominant form of communication in the workplace. However, because it allows speedy composition, less thought is given to the message than when pen and paper, or even a typewriter, was used in the office.

Lowering Your SQ: Spamminess Quotient

Spam is unsolicited commercial email. And its use by unethical or ignorant marketers has risen dramatically during the past two years.

In fact, spam has become such a nuisance that most Internet Service Providers now use anti-spam filtering software. A good thing, right? Not completely.

You see, as a conscientious newsletter publisher or Internet marketer, you work hard to create useful and interesting content. Now, as a result of the increased use of spam filters, you must evaluate every mailing for its SQ, or “Spamminess Quotient”. You must modify all that useful and interesting content so that it makes it through the filters.

Safelists: What Are They and How Do They Make Money

Until several months ago, I’d heard the term “safelist” but had no idea what a safelist was. Well, I did a little research, and now administer two safelists: one established and profitable, and the other brand new. Here’s what I found…

Moonlighting Idea: Be a Photo Guide

Consider yourself a better than average hobby photographer? Know a bit about how cameras work? If you the difference between aperture and shutter speed, then photo field trips may be you key to part-time profits.

Moonlighting Idea: Bumper Sticker Advertising

Have you ever noticed that many of the best moonlighting moneymakers seem to fall into two categories: either “Duh, I don’t believe I didn’t think of that” or “Cool, I wish I’d thought of that!” Well, this issue’s Real Ideas for Real Parents idea is a little of both. The concept is remarkably simple, yet on the whole, it’s a fairly unique idea.

Moonlighting Idea: Community Speechwriter

All sorts of people give speeches, not only politicians and executives of international conglomerates. Virtually every major life event involves some sort of speech. For example, toasts are offered at weddings, eulogies at funerals, roasts at retirement, anniversary, and company gatherings, and presentations at a variety of events. Everyone makes a speech sometime — which is why it is consistently ranked as the #1 fear.

5 Deadly Sins for Trainers

It’s been reported that the most common human fear involves public speaking. In the business world, the day will come when we will be called upon to give a training presentation. The result is a flock butterflies the size of pigeons in the pit of your stomach.

Becoming an Online Word Compactor

Writing for online publication differs from writing for print. One difference is length; online pieces tend to be less than 1,000 words in length. Long text passages are difficult to read on-screen, so the key to writing successfully online is to become a “word compactor”.

7 Tips for Creating Effective E-Mail Messages

E-mail is quickly becoming the dominant form of communication in the workplace. However, because it allows speedy composition, less thought is given to the message than when pen and paper, or even a typewriter, was used in the office.

The Power of Color

Colors have many meanings and associations. They can also create, or amplify, emotion. For example, which would you associate with bright yellow: happy or sad? Serious or playful? Good or bad? Chances are that you chose happy, playful, and good. Why? Because color speaks, whether we realize it consciously or not.