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Lycos Anti Spam Screensaver Is A Stupid Idea

The ‘hit list’ is going to be generated by real time black hole services like Spamcop. I don’t know how much you guys know about Spamcop and services like them. How reliable are they?

Protecting Your Trademarks: Who’s Job is It?

Concern over trademark protection is growing steadily among online advertisers. Who’s responsibility is it to protect your trademarks? Should the trademark holders be expected to spend ad dollars to buy their own trademarked terms? What kinds of things should/could search engines do to help alleviate the problems?

Mike Interviews the Googleplex…

Hear me! For I have been to the mountaintop

Tuesday night’s SES mixer in San Jose was highly anticipated by most attendees. It was, after all, the Google Dance -being held at the Googleplex no less. At roughly 6:30, the tour busses started to line up outside the main convention center to begin shuttling attendees to the land of the giant. Needless to say, I think everyone went.

Let’s (Google) Dance!

Hear me! For I have been to the mountaintop

Tuesday night’s SES mixer in San Jose was highly anticipated by most attendees. It was, after all, the Google Dance -being held at the Googleplex no less. At roughly 6:30, the tour busses started to line up outside the main convention center to begin shuttling attendees to the land of the giant. Needless to say, I think everyone went.

Latest Developments From Google & Overture

Google and Overture representation in this forum drew a substantial first day crowd, at the Search Engine Strategies Conference. These guys were there to discuss some of their new programs and current developments.

A Closer Look At Business to Business Marketing

Are you properly managing your pipeline? Are you jumping the gun and losing valuable clients? What does search mean to B2B marketing? These are the types of questions asked in answered in Tuesday’s SES Business to Business Forum.

Why Investors are Afraid of Search Engine Marketing

The Search Engine Strategies conference, in San Jose, is full of exuberant professionals and entrepreneurs eager and excited to learn more about the search industry. Amid the din of optimism and over-caffeinated exuberance there are a few words being spoken that are, shall we say, somewhat less than ebullient. It’s probably no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention to tech stocks of late that most of the downer talk here has to do with investors.

The Upside of Search Engine Marketing

One thing you can count on at an SES conference is a solid staple of presenters. Safa Rashchty, managing director of Piper Jaffray certainly qualifies. Mr. Rashchty holds a master’s from Boston University, a bachelor’ degree in engineering from Purdue, and is a regular on CNBC and CNNfn. In other words, he knows what he’s talking about.

Googles IPO: The $30 Billion Question

“If Google manages to pull off a well received IPO, how do you measure a well received IPO”? That’s a question posed by CBS Marketwatch lead reporter Bambi Francisco. Google has got to be Google in many ways by being the exception to the rule. As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that they follow suite with their IPO. Curiosities aside, are investors excited?

Tis the Season for Google?

Bambi Fransico is the lead reporter for CBS Marketwatch on the internet and new technologies. In a session at the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose focusing on the current climate for SEM company valuations, she offered some valuable insights.

Apple Accuses RealNetworks of ‘Hacking’ iPod

RealNetwork’s plan to distribute iPod compatible tunes via its online music store has been sharply criticized by Apple. The new Harmony software from RealNetwoks is designed to allow users of their Rhapsody online music service to play music on the iPod and other competing devices.

ICANN Judges Rule Against Google

An ICANN arbitration panel has rejected Google’s claim that froogles.com was “confusingly similar” in name to Google.

Should You Be Worried About Being Banned?

The SEO world is full of speculation, conjecture and educated best guesses. It’s not surprising then, that the average webmaster/site owner can find the whole business of SEO overwhelming and intimidating.

Google Crawls Into Academia

Google and DSpace have embarked on a pilot program designed to allow universities to better manage their intellectual output. DSpace is an open source repository system co-developed by MIT and Hewlett-Packard that allows universities to manage, store, and distribute their intellectual property in a digital format.

BBC Eyes Search

The BBC has tentative plans to launch it’s own search engine designed to compete with major search entities like Google and Yahoo!. The BBC’s new media director Ashley Highfield tells a British publication that the BBC has its eye set on the search engine industry. Given that the current search landscape is currently dominated by American properties, the BBC believes that a new search engine -with a British twist, could successfully enter the foray and provide a desirable alternative to its American counterparts.

Microsoft Rings Up Spammer for $4 Million

Microsoft has been awarded nearly $4 million in the company’s latest legal victory against spam. In a summary judgment against Daniel Khoshnood of Canoga Park, California, the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California ruled in favor of Microsoft.

Google and Click Potential

Earlier this week in WebProWorld, Rich made a post concerning research recently released by AtlasDMT. The goal of the study was to provide some metrics on the actual impact and value of paid placement listings by their rank or position. While most would rightly expect that a higher positioned placement would outperform a lower position, the results of the AtlasDMT research yielded some fairly surprising results as to the slope of the drop-off from the number one spots.

Photo Company Acquired by Google

Google Inc. acquired Picasa Inc. today. Picasa is a California based company founded in 2001 specializing in digital photography.

Survey Says: Spam Sells

A study of some 37,000 Yahoo! Mail users in 11 different countries has apparently confirmed what many Internet users have long suspected (and despaired): spam email is working. Despite the fact that spam email is almost universally reviled as a nuisance, there are apparently enough people clicking to justify the industry – or perpetuate the problem, depending on your point of view.

Yahoo!’s Kickoff Countdown

Though the real NFL season is still several weeks away, it apparently isn’t too early to start thinking about Fantasy Football leagues. Early out of the gate this year is last year’s fantasy king, Yahoo! Sports with their latest edition of the popular game.

Microsoft Employee Suspect in AltaVista Hacking
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Microsoft employee Laurent Chavet was arrested last week on allegations that he had illegaly accessed former employer AltaVista’s computer system.

Non-Search Engine Promotion

Last week in our WebProWorld forums, one of our moderators Bill Hartzer made what I thought was an interesting post about promoting your site without search engines. Bill’s post basically consisted of a question as to what methods existed -aside from search engines- for promoting your site.

Toolbar PageRank: Over-hyped?

Last week, as Brittany tells us here, Google updated its Page Rank and backlinks. As I’m sure most of you know, every few weeks Google does a similar update and without fail -as sure as day follows night, the SEO community immediately starts humming with the excited chatter of their shiny new Toolbar Page Rank (henceforth TPR). When I see these updates and the ensuing furor that results from a little green bar moving 1/8th of an inch, four words come to mind: don’t believe the hype.

Has The Yahoo/Google Split Changed Referral Rates

Now that Yahoo and Google have parted ways and we’ve had a few months for the dust to settle what’s really happened?