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Sit, Google! Sit!
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As Google grows and evolves, so does public perception of it. For those of us outside the Googleplex, Google has represented a broad spectrum of things. For a lot of people they’ve made the transition from fun-filled upstart to Evil Empire. We have always known Google for producing fast results, and their speedy evolution is no exception. They’ve run the gamut in less than a decade.

Email & IM Integration: Yahoo! or Yawnhoo?

Yahoo has announced the integration of Yahoo Mail with Yahoo instant messenger. This new functionality of Yahoo messenger will apparently make it possible to send and receive instant messages right from your Yahoo Mail (beta) interface.

Daring Danny Duels with Diggers
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Yesterday, Danny Sullivan posted an interesting response to Jason Calacanis’ latest potshot at the search engine optimization industry. Basically, as he’s been prone to do in the past, Calacanis ripped SEO. He said that it was 90% snake oil salesmen and warned the Internet populace in general not to smoke the SEO crack. Then he got nasty…

Zawodny & Beal: Redux

So apparently the MyBlogLog flap between Andy Beal and Jeremy Zawodny has pretty much run it’s course. Jeremy has edited his original title – which accused Andy Beal of spamming MyBlogLog, to now read “I overreact sometimes…”. In the edited …

PubCon Las Vegas 2006 Interview with Matt Cutts

I sat down with Matt Cutts for a few minutes at the 2006 edition of PubCon in Las Vegas. We chatted for a few minutes about a variety topics ranging from spam to social media to Kentucky Basketball. View All …

End of the click as we know it?

Saw a site today called dontclick.it, I tried it out and I think maybe I could live without the click.  It is kind of strange at first, you essentially just mouse over things like you would if you were clicking …

Sullivan to Stay with SES

I just received an email/press release announcing Danny Sullivan would be staying on with Incisive Media for the Search Engine Strategies Conference series. In the release, Sullivan says; “I very much look forward to working with Incisive Media on the …

Yes, I'm Addicted to Blogspot
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I have drawn this conclusion here in the past hour or so. Apparently, I’m addicted to Blogspot. Not sure why Blogspot has been unavailable this morning, (I hope they aren’t having another security issue) but I was completely unaware of …

PubCon Boston 2006

PubCon Boston 2006 is in the books now. As such, I though I would put together a quick overview/recap of some of the more memorable points and quotes I found particularly interesting.

SES NY: The Topix.net Approach To Web News

I met briefly with Chris Tolles from Topix.net this afternoon. We had talked a bit back in December at the Chicago SES. At that point, Topix was on the verge of a couple of fairly substantial changes so I figured I’d swing by their booth and see how things were working out.

SES NY: Thinking about the Future

I was in the ‘Search Pundits’ session this morning here at Search Engine Strategies in New York. Basically, you had Robert Scoble, Matt Cutts, Jeremy Zawodny, Zia Daniell Wigder and David Vise sitting up front with Danny Sullivan moderating questions from the audience.

SES NY: Ask Party Invokes Star Wars

Last night Ask.com hosted an afterparty at club LQ here in New York. Being the intrepid and dedicated souls we are, Jason Miller and I took one for the team and braved the hazards and horrors of open bars and loud music… and cool fighting robots and video games and well, you get the idea.

Pumped For Pay Per Call: Ingenuity At Ingenio

I had an interesting conversation with Marc Barach, Chief Marketing Officer of San Francisco based Ingenio. Ingenio’s business is pay per call: a subject I’d heard of, but not something I had any kind of real understanding of. I know a little more about it now though and it’s actually quite slick.

Mike McDonald’s PubCon Wrap-up

PubCon 2005 in Las Vegas is over and done. While it’s entirely possible that a ‘wrap up’ post is premature due to the fact that one of our primary hosts was borked for several hours this afternoon and our writing team may yet have notes to bring to the table, I’m gonna do one anyway. The following are some of thoughts and impressions from your friend and humble forum admin.

Blogs, Podcast, and Vlogs: Thumbs up or Down?

Last night Yahoo had a mixer at Caesar’s club, Pure. Of course, Rich and I attended solely out of our journalistic sense of duty.

Google to Win the Net: PubCon 2005

Google, Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft. There are basically four major players on in the Internet world today. Few would argue much with that statement. Likewise, it’s no big secret that the actions and maneuvers made by the big four have a direct impact on practically every online business.

The Undead Thread

People like things to make sense. As a species we tend to find comfort and security in order and the routine. Ironically, (or not) we also have a tendency to be fascinated, if not preoccupied, by the strange and the unknown. We delight in the bizarre and if nothing else, the Internet is chock full of the bizarre. Who cares, you ask? The magic 8 ball says to finish reading this article and ask again later.

Interview: Michael Rotkin President/CEO Universityloveconnection.com
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I was interested in getting some feedback from a conference attendee’s perspective and I ran into Michael Rotkin President/CEO of universityloveconnection.com and Hydroponicswholesale.com. Michael’s take on the conference was interesting to me given the nature of his sites.

Lockergnome: Redux

In regard to the article that ran in WebPro concerning Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome …

The Scoop On Search Based News

One of the final sessions of the day was the “Meet The News Search Engines” and I decided to check out the session. While there weren’t huge numbers of people like at some of the other sessions, the information gave some great insight into how the news gathering aspects of the search engines come together.

More On Jupitermedia Sale of SES

I chatted briefly with Lisa DiGiacomo at the SES conference about the sale of Clickz and the SES trade show to UK-based Incisive Media.

Mike’s Wacky Journey to SES San Jose

I am alive and well in San Jose for SES. How was the trip? Well… lemme tell you.

Spam Solutions Still Missing The Point

IBM has announced a new anti-spam initiative today. Surprisingly enough, it is actually somewhat reminiscent of Lycos’s ‘make love not spam’ fiasco of a few months ago.

Internet Explorer 7 Announced

It may be simply an idea whose time has come. It may be that Firefox is making enough noise to raise some eyebrows in Redmond. Either way, it looks like IE7 is on its way.