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XP Remains an Option for Windows
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If you’re Microsoft, it probably isn’t the most comforting thought to know the biggest headline about your new OS, Windows 7, isn’t about features or updates… it’s about supported downgrade options.

Of course if you are a Vista person who has already downgraded back to XP, today is a good day for you.  Microsoft has announced that the new Windows 7 OS will have downgrade support to both Vista and XP.

Google vs. MSN on Paid Links and Cloaking
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Don’t buy paid links! Paid links are bad! Don’t cloak either. Search engines don’t allow it. You’ve all heard this before right?

>>> What are your thoughts on paid links? Do you agree with Google’s hard line? Comment here

What Do You Think About Paid Links?
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Paid links and PR drops were a hot topic at Pubcon Las Vegas last week. We talked to Matt Cutts about it in a video interview, and he explained it quite rationally.

Google Scrubs SubDomains
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I had a chance to catch up with Matt Cutts and Vanessa Fox last week at the Las Vegas Pubcon. We talked about a variety of things – from the hacking of someone’s out of version WordPress blog to the recent PageRank updates at Google. One of the more recent and perhaps lesser-publicized changes we discussed however was Google’s recent decision to change the way they handle content on subdomains. You can find our video interview on the WebProNews Video blog incidentally.

Secret To Monetizing Your Site
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So maybe you’re thinking to yourself; Hey, I need to start making some money online. Maybe you’re one of those that had that thought a while ago now… but aside from maybe the being online part

Expert Strategies for SEO
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Optimizing your site for search engines can be challenging and time consuming. It’s a game where the rules are always changing and there is no shortage of outdated and just flat out bad advice readily available. So, what should you be doing? How should you be approaching the whole search engine optimization mess?

SES San Jose Women's Luncheon

There was a time, and it wasn’t that long ago really, where one could go to a show like SES and come away thinking that there just weren’t many women in the industry at all. Rebecca Lieb once joked to …

Blogs in Your SEO Mix: A Case Study

Everybody that hasn’t been living under a rock for the past 3 years has pretty well caught on to the fact that blogs are kind of a big deal. SEO people, who spend a big part of their day thinking …

SEO: The Game

The folks over at GSINC have created what is — as far as I know — the first SEO video game. It’s basically just a little Flash Boxing game where you are pitted against the likes of ‘Hidden Text Kid’, …

Aftervote vs. Mahalo

Dave Naylor has fired a shot across Mahalo’s bow this morning.¬† Aftervote is similar to Mahalo insofar as it is a search engine whose SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) have a social influence component. Dave claims Aftervote is inherently superior¬† …

Is iPhone a Strike Against Net Neutrality

Ok, well, maybe not the phone itself. However, as we observed just yesterday AT&T recently conducted a study which, to no one’s surprise, concluded that Net Neutrality was a bad thing. So enter the iPhone. As I’m sure you all …

AT&T Study Determines Net Neutrality is Bad (Gasp!)

Sit down… this may come as a shock to you. A new study from AT&T says that setting up the Internet on a tiered level would offer “significantly more” capacity than the system that’s being used now. Coincidentally, it will …

NoFollow Just Isn't Cool

I understand why Google wants us to nofollow tag all of the comments on our blogs. Comment spam is crappy -true. It’s a nuisance and an eyesore -true. Add to that the weight and importance Google places on links in …

Google Spaz

Google is spazzing. That’s a technical term. It means that one day, you see your site just fine in the index — ranking in the top 5 or 10 for your target terms, the next day -POOF!- gone completely. So, …

SMX Advanced 2007

I’ve been attending search engine, webmaster and various sundry internet conferences for several years now. Been there. Done that. Got lots of t-shirts. Danny’s new Search Marketing Expo Advanced was, for all practical purposes as far as I was concerned, …

Another Top Result Googlebomb Diffused

…and in it’s place is, well, another Googlebomb. Stephen Colbert is no longer the top result for ‘Greatest living American‘. the intrepid folks at Google have made the appropriate tweaks to the algorithm and Colbert’s clever plot to manipulate their …

SEW: Live Coverage

I was unfortunately unable to attend the one day SEW: Live show in Columbus, but we were able to send a crew up to cover the show (and they did a great job I think). As we progress with the …

Someday I Hope to Make $1

Just $1. That’s all I need. And this thermos. And my remote control… and these matches. But that’s all I need. Yahoo’s Terry Semel made $1 last year. So did Larry, Sergei and Doc Schmidt. Just $1. Makes you feel …

No Follow – That Big of a Deal Really?

Folks in SEO/SEM, webmaster-type circle have a tendency to get all fired up over ‘no follow’. There seems to be a prevalent misconception that a no followed link is worthless. The fact of the matter is, that simply isn’t the …

SEO Degrees?

We recently posted the video of an interview I did with Greg Jarboe at the 2007 SES New York conference. In the video, Greg and I were discussing the general lack of qualified search engine professionals that seemed to be …

WebProNews ON: Google News

WebProNews On Google News is a hand picked collection of the most significant and relevant WebProNews articles covering Google News.

AdSense Goes to the Movies

Have you have seen Google’s Gmail theater videos? They’re short instructional videos using characters/puppets made out of office supplies extolling the virtues and features of Gmail. They’re whimsical and fun… you know, typical Google. Now they’re showing up in AdSense spots.

Should SEOs Avoid Sitemaps?
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Rand Fishkin recently posted an interesting concept on his SEOmoz.org blog about sitemaps. For those of you keeping score at home, a sitemap is a document (typically xml) that sits on your server and helps search engine spiders crawl and index your site. Sounds great, right? Maybe… maybe not. Rand theorizes these sitemaps may actually be bad for your SEO efforts.

Office’s Space – Starring: Google
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Google has released a Premier version of their Apps program for businesses. Google Apps are Google powered services/features you can add to your website. Basically Google Apps consist of popular Google applications like Gmail, Calendar and Spreadsheets that you could add to your site for the benefit of your users.