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Venture County Star Site Shuts Off Comments

The Venture County Star recently announced that it has shut off comments on its website because the tone of those comments had grown too vicious and incendiary.

Feedster Says ‘Tag This’

Feedster’s taking a new approach to tagging with the introduction of a code script that basically bolts a tag submission form to your blog posts (see the footer of this post for an example).

Yahoo! Introduces Media RSS 1.0

Media RSS, which Yahoo! first introduced late last year, is now a full-release syndication standard for media content.

AO, Technorati Team Up on Open Media 100

The Open Media Revolution is upon us and the folks at AO and Technorati are teaming up to recognize the top 100 …

Forrester: Online Marketing to Reach $26 Billion by 2010

Forrester has just released its U.S. forecast for online advertising. Overall, the confidence level with traditional advertising channels is eroding which is creating more opportunities for online spending.

Sirius to Offer Podcasts

On the heals of Infinity Broadcasting’s recent news, Sirius Satellite Radio will announce tomorrow that it’s getting into the podcasting mix by teaming up …

Apple PR, Catch a Tiger by the Head…

Tiger, the title of Apple’s latest OS, officially hits store shelves tomorrow, which means today the gates swing open for all the major media outlets …

Podcasting, A New Fix For Info Junkies

While it’s admittedly taken some time for podcasts to work their way into my daily info hunt, I’m finding that I’m now habitually plugging in whenever I have a moment.

Sun Microsystems COO Jonathan Schwartz on The Red Couch

Shel Israel has a great profile piece on Sun COO Joanathan Schwartz and his approach to corporate blogging.

BusinessWeek Just Gets It… Cover Story On Blogging

BusinessWeek dives deep into the blogosphere with its May 2nd cover story on blogging …

Citizen TV, Democratizing the Tube

While participatory media is still arguably in its early stages, it’s hard to argue that enabling technologies like blogs and podcasts haven’t already delivered a swift back handed slap to the print and broadcast radio gatekeepers.

PR Talk: Media References, Are They Really Needed?

There are only two things in this world that annoy me and one is a prospective client asking for my media references.

Technorati Kicks Off

Technorati is quickly approaching a major milestone: one billion links tracked! To celebrate this accomplishment …

Blogging Styles

A client of ours was joking around with me last week and said I was the “West coast version of Steve Rubel.” I had to laugh…

Its a Fun Time to be in PR

For all the headaches and challenges that blogging represents, it has at the same time brought a new level of enthusiasm and interest in the corporate communications process that’s unlike anything I personally have ever seen before.

March Madness

March Madness has an entirely different meaning for me this month, it’s just been absolutely crazy, thus my sparse postings here – but don’t get me wrong, it’s been fun too.

Feedster Shares Its Blogging Policy

Even though it seems like I’m moving a million miles per hour these days, I can always find time to check my feeds.

Berlind: IT Research Desperately Needs More Transparency

David Berlind takes the IT research industry to task in his latest post on the Media Transparency Channel …

Putting Bloggers in a PR Headlock, Good Luck

Tom Foremski at Silicon Valley Watcher shares the first of a two-part series on how blogging throws a wrench in corporate communications.