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Playing Technorati Favorites

Technorati continues to crank out services faster than the Keelber’s can crank out cookies.

PRWeb Adds TrackBacks, Spam

On the heels of Six Apart’s renewed commitment toward the TrackBack as a social protocol and a web standard, comes related news that PRWeb is adopting/enabling TrackBacks within its press releases.

For Now, NDAs Remain

ZDNet’s Ed Bott captures the pains of interpreting the do’s and dont’s of a corporate NDA in a media environment where bloggers are increasingly receiving the same levels of information and access as their big media counterparts, but are oddly being held to different standards of disclosure — which is the case, right now, with Microsoft’s Office 12 beta:

NewComm Forum Approaches

The new media marketing universe, or at least what looks to be a good chunk of it, is set to descend on Palo Alto the week after next for the second annual NewComm Forum.

Blogger Disclosure Practices Tested

If nothing else, this piece in the WSJ underscores the argument that bloggers are not journalists, or as Brian Oberkirch rightly puts it, “personal blogs are not media.”

Questionable Influence of Industry Research Firms

InformationWeek has an interesting, albeit exhaustive feature today on the influence that tech vendors wield over IT research firms:

Nvidia Accused of Deceptive Forum Tactics

The Consumerist along with several other sources are accusing Nvidia and its entertainment PR firm AEG of secretly seeding various gaming forums and communities with hired shills:

Blog Monitoring As PR Service

Sparked by a survey that Brian Oberkirch at WeblogsWork is getting underway, an interesting conversation has been taking shape on the Naked Conversations Blog (see comments thread) about blog monitoring as an emerging service/business opportunity among PR and marketing firms:

PRWeek Reborn, Facelift Coming

It’s no secret that PRWeek is undergoing a redesign, an annoying little countdown teaser has been flashing on the home page for a while now, but from an outsider’s perspective, it seems that bigger changes are already a foot; changes in how the publication approaches its content.

Tech’s Back, We’re All Fat

The SF Business Times has an interesting story on the state of tech PR here in the Bay Area:

DIY PR Revisited

Shel Israel over at Naked Conversations says he’s “convinced” that early stage startups are better off forgoing professional PR agencies in favor of DIY blogging, at least until their businesses are further baked:

IM PR Will Take Hold This Year

I ran out of time to post my predictions for the new year, you’re heartbroken, I know, but if I could share a simple one here, I’d say this: I think the importance and value of instant messaging as an *external* PR communications tool will take hold this year.

FeedBurner Reports: Feed for Thought

FeedBurner is kicking-off a series of Technorati-like special reports this week called “Feed for Thought” that will cover the state of the “feedosphere”:

New School PR

In a previous post I driveled on the idea that the PR services industry is entering a bit of a transition period and that old school agency business models need to evolve to keep in line with changing market conditions and a growing DIY business mentality.

DIY PR in a ‘Cheap’ Economy

Putting aside all the recent rhetoric and controversy surrounding Web 2.0 companies, a few facts remain, one of which is this: the costs associated with starting and running a business today are significantly lower than they were a few years ago.

PR Owns the Blogosphere, For Better or Worse

Jeremy Wagstaff takes Nokia to task in this post for failing to identify and listen to important customer complaints as they bubble up online …

State of the Blogosphere: October 2005

Just a quick pointer to Dave Sifry’s latest State of the Blogosphere update (October). Part One is focused on Blogosphere Growth.

The Week That Was

Insane. That’s probably the best word I can use to describe this week. The second annual Web 2.0 conference has reached its close and while hanging out at the conference …

Putting Wikis to Work for Your PR Program

Collaboration. I hate this word, it’s overused, especially in the PR industry. I should know, I work for a PR agency and my job – technically speaking — is to “collaborate” every day on all sorts of things with all sorts of people.

Novell PR Team Opens Blog

This is interesting, the Novell PR team is using a blog to augment their media program.

Technorati: The State of Tagging

According to Technorati, more than 25 million blog posts have been tagged over the last six months.

Marketers, Get to Know Joe Blog

Posting’s been light the last few days, for no real reason other than my laziness, but some issues have been stewing in the back of my head and I’ll be posting more on them here shortly…

Yahoo Shares Best Practices for Employee Blogs

Yahoo today released its corporate guidelines/best practices for employee blogs.

Seth Godin, Keep Thinking About Podcasting

Of all the people I would actually *like* to see pickup podcasting, Seth Godin’s on my short list.