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4th Third Thursday to Focus on Podcasting

Yep, you read that right. Our next Third Thursday meetup will be on the fourth Thursday of this month (July 27th).

Synthesizing Social Media

Making sense of online conversations is a tough, tough business.

‘Real’ Brand Engagement

“People want to engage with brands!”

Blogger Relations, Two Tips

Okay, this one gets filed under no-brainer new media tactics, but I’m going to post something on it anyway.

Edge PR

A recent Pew survey reports:

Convenient Maxims

A quick observation:

Richard Edelman – PR in 5 Years

Richard Edelman in his Q&A sit down today at Syndicate was asked, among other things, what the PR industry might look like 5 years from now.

PR for the Commons?

The Third Thursday posse recently met with Media Survey’s Sam Whitmore to record a podcast for Tech Media This Week (listen here).

The Importance of Reputation in PR

I’ve been experimenting with RapLeaf, a new reputation system that launched over the weekend.

PR 2.0 Podcast

A subset of the PR 2.0 Gang that Brian Oberkirch originally assembled at the NewComm Forum, regrouped earlier this week to talk about the social media services gap and some related challenges facing PR agencies today (podcast here).

Forrester Debuts New Marketing Blog

Earlier this week industry research firm Forrester flipped the switch on a new group blog, this latest one focusing on marketing trends.

Third Thursday Recap

The interest and attendance at last night’s Third Thursday meetup was *way* beyond my expectations, I don’t know what to say, I think we had about 80 people, in PR, marketing and otherwise, which ain’t bad for a first-time gig.

PodTech Debuts PodSummit

The good folks at PodTech continue to grow their InfoTalk Network.

Technorati Stats, Just a Sign Post, Folks

For all the hype and hyperbole surrounding the latest Technorati stats, I think, to Jeremy Pepper’s point, a lot of marketers are sitting on the sidelines looking at things and asking, “how the hell does this really help us with our social media plans?”

O’Brien Starts Ubiquitous Marketing

Now this is good news, Keith O’Brien, editor of PRWeek.com has started a blog called Ubiquitous Marketing.

The Social Media Billing Gap

So my earlier post on the social media services gap kicked up some discussion, and as always, that’s a good thing, right, but I purposely left something out of that post that’s worth touching on now, even if consensus is still lacking — that’s billing.

Arrington, TechCrunch, Speaking at Third Thursday

Following up on my previous post, next Thursday, April 20th, will be our kick-off Third Thursday meetup, and I’m fired up to say our first guest speaker will be Michael Arrington.

The Social Media Services Gap

Okay, so clearly a lot of debate remains about how and where social media should fit in a communications program, but there are two things the PR community seems to largely agree on: First, that the best programs, by today’s standards, are those that blend/bridge traditional media plans with social media strategies and tactics and secondly, that a degree of specialization and acuity is still required to effectively navigate and participate in online conversations.

Socialtext Introduces ‘Miki’

With the exception of the phone and maybe email, mobile collaboration is a pain in the butt, so glad to hear/see that Socialtext is launching “Miki,” a wiki for mobile devices.

Young PR Pros Go ‘Forward’

A few weeks back, at the NewComm Forum, I had the opportunity the chance the pleasure of meeting Erin Caldwell, one of the many student PR stars at Auburn University.

SF Chronicle Debuts New Tech Blog

A mix of business and technology journalists for the San Francisco Chronicle have launched a new blog called “The Tech Chronicles,” that will cover, you guessed it, the Bay Area techscape.

The Blog [Buzz] Bump

Ross Mayfield nails one of the biggest problems of marketing to bloggers:

Wal-Mart, Edelman, Listen & Talk

The NYT takes a *very* interesting look at how Edelman is increasingly engaging bloggers on behalf of Wal-Mart:

Mediocre Pitches Work Too, Sometimes

I’ve been loosely following the ping-pong rhetoric justifying the Bad Pitch Blog and now the Good Pitch Blog and I have to admit, I think there’s a real opportunity for creating the Mediocre Pitch Blog.