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Social Media Architects and Developers

[I wanted to post some quick thoughts here which I think put today’s Voce news in some additional context…]

So in my previous post, I touched on an observation, a belief really, that there’s a widening gap within this bubbling ecosystem of social media practitioners.

Bringing Web Ideas to Life

It’s funny, it’s so easy these days to become enamored and enthusiastic about a "web project" that you tend to quickly underestimate its technical plausibility.

For this I blame you, web 2.0.

Custodial Maintenance of the Social Web
So despite all the hype I and others wrap around social media programs, there remains a very raw, very real and very unsexy part of this line of work that seldomly gets discussed — and that’s the ugly, but critical custodial maintenance of the social web.

This is what I jokingly, err, awkwardly refer to as "Janitor 2.0"

Measuring Social Media
"How do you measure social media programs?"

Ask the Hard Questions When it Comes to Social Media

In my world, this time of year is always crunchy, it’s an endurance race to the holidays. It means unfortunately that I don’t get to read as much, blog as much, breathe as much, etc., but oh well, so be it. I figure I can either put my head down to cover ground and get some creative stuff in the works for ’08 or stand still debating the finer points of bad PR vs. ugly PR vs.

Making Sense out of a Mess

It’s funny, after several years, countless projects, big successes and humbling failures, I still to this day stumble and stutter when casually asked: "so what do you do?"

Link Love Can Hurt

So, I guess if there was one thing we could all conceptually agree on, it would be that the link, in all its iterations and forms, has become the accepted currency of the social web — especially in the context of blogging.

New Media Key For PR Firms

Just a quick pointer: Keith O’Brien with PRWeek has a good piece today that profiles how various PR shops are fortifying their new media expertise and services.

Pick a Good Partner for New Media Projects

Okay, so I’m continuing with some thoughts here shaking out of my recent RFP posts….

Here’s the situation: you want to starting folding social media strategies, tactics and tools into your company’s PR program, but you’re not sure how exactly you want to approach things and because of that, you’re leaning toward bringing in some outside help. Maybe you’re thinking about a consultant or a small group of specialists or even a large services firm, the tough question is this:

New Media Twister

Convergence is a tired concept, you here it all the time, there’s convergence of this and convergence of that, but sadly, it’s probably the best way to describe this messy little moment in time we’re all in right now. It’s happening in different ways within a variety of industries, but hands down it’s happening very quickly in the area of new media services.

The Con in Conversation

The con in conversation is that it often means conversion, at least when marketers say it.

Conversion of opinion and perception, conversion of loyalty and trust and in many cases, hopefully, conversion of dollars and cents.

There’s nothing new here really, conversion through conversation has been around for, well, centuries. It’s the stuff of philosophy, religion, politics, education, and yes, business too.

PR: Is it Really About Driving Sales?

“The best comms programs are those that have nothing to do with customer acquisition.”

Edelman Tries PR Microformat

Phil Gomes shares some perspective and insight on Edelman’s approach to the Social Media Press Release.

Technology In PR

Earlier this morning I sat on an PRSA panel about technology in PR, you know, something I clearly have a lot of opinions about.

Small Biz Folks Forget Blogging

Small business owners, a tip:

Word Of Mouth Marketing

I’m about half way through “Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking,” by Andy Sernovitz. I’m not ready to post a review just yet, look to Chris Thilk for that.

Filling The Knowledge Gap With SNCR

I’ve been working in the background the last few months with Jen McClure on the SNCR Research Symposium and Awards Gala, which took place earlier this week in Boston.

Bloggers: How To Approach Companies

Alright, timeout, we need to fix something….

Finally, Somebody Ranks Brand Monitoring Services
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If there was ever a research report I’d like to get my hands on, it’s this one from Forrester.

The Art of the Unlaunch

Man, product development cycles are brutal these days, they’re so long and so iterative, it presents some significant PR challenges….

Social Media and Content Discovery

I’ll admit I do little to dilute the concentrate of social media kool-aid, I’m a big believer in its power and potential, but there seems to be a disproportionate level of attention and posturing around content discovery these days — specifically, how you use social tools to help with content discovery.

New Media Ain’t That Important?

According to PRWeek’s latest Agency Excellence Survey (PDF), new media expertise is considered less of a priority in the agency selection process, however, “consistently delivering company messaging to all target audiences” is a top priority and “anticipating problems and issues that could put a company at risk” is considered an important competitive differentiator.

Anti-Astroturfing Campaign Kicks Off

This is long overdue: Trevor Cook and Paul Young are kicking off an anti-astroturfing campaign, they’ve created a page on the New PR Wiki that aggregates discussions on the subject, they’re also encouraging communicators who oppose the practice to publicly pledge their support.

Newswires, Press Releases & Problemos

I needed a day or so to grok the launch of TheWeblogWire, for the unacquainted, it’s basically a newswire service for the blogosphere.