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A thought leader in search engine marketing, Mike Belasco, president of seOverflow, began his journey in the mid-90's developing websites and studying search engine optimization when it was in its infancy. Mike continues to live and breathe all things search engine optimization ensuring that he and his staff stay at the forefront of the industry. He also regularly speaks at national industry events and conferences. Mike is a certified Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassador. His blog was named 'Best Local Search Blog' in 2006 by Search Engine Journal. Mike holds a business systems information degree from the University of Colorado in Boulder.
An Interesting Local SEO Tip

I ran into an interesting local SEO tip today that I had not seen before. The tip was posted on Search Engine Journal by Sujan Patel.

Judging Keyword Competition

No I am not talking about the infamous Google Page Rank meter. I am talking about the newer search volume meter shown inside Google’s External Keyword Tool.

Small Businesses Don’t Get PPC Matching Options

Now that I am back in the office after a short hiatus due to my new baby, things are picking up again. I have looked at 6 small business PPC accounts in the last two days for potential clients. Not one of them had anything but broad match in use. Almost no negative keywords existed in any of the ad groups or campaigns. Also every single one of them had content targeting turned on which was performing terribly and sucking up some major budget.

Local Search Grew 28% in the Past Year

Howard Owens has some great coverage of the currently running Drilling Down on Local Conference. Today he posted some notes from Hillary Schneider’s (Yahoo Local) presentation on local search efforts:

Verifying Google Maps Listing

So everyone and their mother is now giving out local SEO advice about getting listed in the local search engines/internet yellow pages. Recently articles were published on Entrepreneur.com and MSNBC which both of course suggested getting listed in these local directories including Google Maps. Sound advice indeed.

Does Your Designer Do SEO?

Lee Odden has an brought an interesting issue to light in one of his latest blog posts.

SEO Friendly Flash
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6 different web designers have asked me about making Flash SEO friendly in the last month, so I’ll post some tips here.

eTail 2007: SEO will Probably be Discussed

Josh, a friend of mine works for the company that puts on the eTail conference series. eTail 2007 is arriving soon so I thought I would mention it here for anyone who is interested in attending.