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Simplified SEO for Small Business Webmasters – TEXT!

Small business webmasters often believe search engine optimization is a complex and mysterious art that they must struggle to understand and master. It couldn’t be further from the truth. SEO is basic and simple – TEXT.

Shopping Search and the Small Online Retailer

Shopping search is something all large portal sites attempt to
incorporate into their search functionality in one way or another,
but knowing where you are getting your results from is the
difficult part for most of us. The biggest issue is that nobody
really understands that a search engine is made up of multiple
resources and that is especially true of shopping search.

How to Create a “Link-To-Us” Page

Most webmasters are very aware of the value of having quality links from well regarded, high traffic web sites pointing to their own site. Professional webmasters will always provide linking graphics, instructions and sample text to those webmasters willing to link to them.

Crawl The Web Like Google

Oh, for the simplicity of the good old days of 1995! Where all a web site owner had to do was put important keywords about her web site in the metatags of the HTML code of the front page of her site with a clear description and title to rank well in the search engines and make it easy for web searchers to find her.

Linking Campaign Increases Google PageRank But Only if Google Knows – So Tell Them!

A client recently contacted me pointing out that their linking campaign was starting to pay off handsomely by gaining links at a nearly astounding rate of about 200 a week! He asked how he could be certain that those sites that linked to his were spidered and indexed by the search engines, thereby increasing his PageRank at Google. Those of you who’d like a primer on PageRank can visit the following URL’s to learn more.

Linking Campaign Increases Google PageRank
· 1

A client recently contacted me pointing out that their linking campaign was starting to pay off handsomely by gaining links at a nearly astounding rate of about 200 a week! He asked how he could be certain that those sites that linked to his were spidered and indexed by the search engines, thereby increasing his PageRank™ at Google. Those of you who’d like a primer on PageRank™ can visit the following URL’s to learn more.

Search for Survivors Follows AltaVista/Overture/Fast Searchquake

The ground moves with a confusing shift sideways, followed by a bump, then a lurch and finally a massive rumbling explosion that splits the earth and swallows whatever is in its path on the surface. This happens with disturbing regularity lately and aftershocks knock formerly solid firms off their strong foundations. Infoseek, Go.com, Direct Hit and Excite collapse.

What Makes Apple so Delicious?

Trade shows will naturally draw those with high end interest and the technical knowledge that leads to that jargon spewed by keynote speakers. Enterprise-speak vendors display their wares and attendees at break-out sessions are full of techno-geeks seeking the latest knowledge enhancement for their narrow interest area. InternetWorld 2002 was no different.

Computers Freedom and Privacy 2002

Last week I attended the Computers, Freedom & Privacy (CFP2002) conference where I heard four days of discussion and debate from attorneys, corporate leaders, politicians and privacy advocates over issues of civil liberties, privacy and commerce.

What Do Marketers Sell? Only the Good Stuff!

This week I was suddenly struck by the fact that I sell dozens of products and services that I never see, some I’ve never used and many that I didn’t even know about before that company hired me.

Super Snooper

You’ve heard enough about Big Brother to last a lifetime, so I’ve renamed him Super Snooper to spare you the cliche during this discussion.

Honey, I Shrunk the Chip!

Let’s get small, real small, and then we can go anywhere! No, I’m not advocating we shrink ourselves, but rather discussing dramatic changes coming now that computers can be tiny and inexpensive. Recent movement in conservative, and previously very scarce venture capital investments (in two notable areas) suggests a brave new world of inexpensive, ubiquitous computing could be approaching.

I – I – iMac! Hype Meets Analysts

What new product gets more press attention than a new Porsche? What can generate more buzz than bear at a beehive? It’s a bird, it’s a plane . . . it’s super fruit! Apple Computer can and does get that kind of attention, and it does so regularly. Hyperbole begins well in advance of each semiannual MacWorld, and begins with the Mac publications and rumor sites. Every Mac devotee imagines a revolutionary new product which answers their every fantasy, whether it be super fast or super cool.

This Passport PREVENTS Travel!

Last week Microsoft bCentral required all users of it’s ListBuilder Service to sign up for and use the Microsoft .NET passport system by converting to that system before allowing log-in to their existing accounts.

Cookies Anyone?

There is one particular issue that relates specifically to the web and your surfing, buying and e-mailing habits. You should know by now that every site you visit can place a “cookie” on your hardrive which will record a few crumbs of information about you.

Bioterrorism Affects Email

At a time when critical issues of national importance are being discussed in basement rooms at the US Capitol due to Anthrax laced letters sent to government offices, email has become more important than ever for person-to-person communications. Bioterrorism has now impacted even email. No worry that you’ll get sick when you next check your email inbox since terrorists have not yet figured out how to send those powdery spores via email attachments (digitizing Anthrax spores seems to kill the little critters).

Munchkins Want Advice from Monsters? Not!

I was sipping my morning “wake-cup” of coffee over the Sunday San Francisco Chronicle this weekend when I came across an article by staff writer John Batteiger referencing web sites useful to small business. Great, I thought, I’d love more of those valuable resources. Silly me.

Information Wants to Be Free

From the Web2001 Internet and Mobile conference and exposition at the Moscone convention center in San Francisco August 4-8, comes an interesting set of keynote speakers offered to attendees. Rather than major computer or software company CEO’s, we have commentators on our culture speaking to a conference full of web developers and corporate strategists charged with developing web initiatives.

Focus, Focus, Focus: The Key to Online Success

The key to online success is specialization and niche marketing. There, I’ve said it and I won’t take it back! You’ve heard endless advice whispered from every corner of the web and shouted from the rooftops by every major web marketing guru. Now I’m offering it myself in the hope that I finally get it! I’m as guilty as any webmaster of jumping at the latest affiliate program that offers “200 PERCENT PAYOUT” or leaping on the “Submit your site to SIX MILLION SEARCH ENGINES” banner I see on every site.

Do You Know Who Owns Your Words?

Writing for the web creates a lot of new questions about who owns all those words circulating out there on web sites, in ezines and in ebooks. What about the CD’s created from many of those words in all those digital forms all over the web? Instead of books or articles or columns, it’s all being re-named “Content”.

Big Brother Bill: It’s 1984 all over Again!

Most of the commentary over the George Orwell’s novel, “1984” that occured in that year, was derision, saying that now it was quite clear that the eerie picture painted of “Big Brother” was unlikely, and certainly not possible.

Maybe Women Should Run the Web!

We all know that the idea of business on the web came on with a roar and now lies whimpering and licking its wounds in the safety of the shadows. Who was the enemy? Who or what was it that clawed and scraped the potential of online business so brutally that early enthusiasts are now seen as foolish, wild- eyed dreamers? What brought down an idea that was bigger and more powerful than a raging beast at full roar?

Rock & Roll In Your Email?

You groggily stumble from bed and turn on the computer as you pass by on your way to the kitchen. Returning with the morning’s first cup of coffee you fire up your browser and log-on to the web as you take the first few eye-opening sips. Downloading your personal email, you notice your favorite Bruce Springsteen song title in the subject line of the seventh email message and open it first.

Green and Grinning After Four Years Online

Four years of experience in most endeavors doesn’t add up to much authority and wisdom for the vast majority of students. It usually means a green and grinning graduate in a cap and gown nervously looking past a dangling tassle to a future of job interviews and resume polishing career maneuvers.