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Press Releases New SEO Back Door to Top Rankings
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Greg Jarboe, President and co-founder of SEO-PR revealed a blockbuster secret back door to top search engine ranking when he presented to a comparitively small share of attendees at WebMasterWorld.com World of Search #7 conference. Jarboe presented a case study of client WineZap.com showing their press release which was distributed online in July of 2004.

Linking Advice From Experts at WebMaster World of Search

Link building has become an integral part of search engine marketing and positioning. The topic is inevitably the subject of many web conference programs and the WebMaster World of Search conference was no exception.

Don’t Be A Reciprocal Linking Turkey!
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I had an email exchange with an SEO client today after his webmaster called him pushing reciprocal linking software (when all this web designer was after was to generate some extra work from a client that hasn’t needed him for awhile). Then that client called me after he received my email de- nouncing the software, fully convinced by a follow-up phone call from his web designer that the reciprocal linking soft- ware WAS valuable.

Search Conference Vindicates SEO Basics, Exposes Bad Boy SEO

The 2004 “World of Search” conference at Las Vegas Convention Center began Tuesday, November 15, with a short welcome and conference kudos and credits from WebMasterWorld.com (WMW) head Brett Tabke.

Can Toll Free 800 Number Domains Pay Off?

The toll free number 1-800-Get-Rich belongs to the Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. Perfect vanity number for a casino, right?

Google Spyware? Bad Guys & Spies Using Google Desktop Search
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I suppose I was naive when I cheered the new Google Desktop Search tool thinking it was ONLY a great way to help ease my computer info-glut and help organize my hundreds of hard-drive stored documents, emails and files. It seems that now I have to worry about how bad guys and busybodies will use it to spy on me!

Google Desktop Search versus Microsoft Windows Search
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Google Desktop Search Software can’t find your lost keys or tell you where you left the Tivo remote control, or that your glasses are on top of your head, where you left them. But the beta software from Google Labs is nothing short of mandatory for those with more emails, Word documents, Powerpoint, Excel and PDF files than they know what to do with. That’s me.

Throw Away Your Money on Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization consists of some relatively arcane issues that are not obvious to anyone. That I can be thankful for, I suppose, or I wouldn’t continue to be in demand as an SEO specialist. But why do clients throw money out the window with developers who don’t understand they are bulldozing down site naming structure and careful page architecture when they do a site redesign?

The New MSN Search May Be a Google Killer!

The Second Look at MSN’s Search technology is available for public beta testing.

SEO Case Study: Attorneys Chasing Vioxx Organic Search Ranking

Last week the drug manufacturer Merck pulled their pain relief medication Vioxx (rofecoxib) from the market due to studies linking higher incidence of heart attacks and strokes to long term use of their medication. The highly profitable medicine was aimed at Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers and others who weren’t able to stomach aspirin, which is arguably more effective than Vioxx is for most pain relief.

Testimonials as Linking Strategy – Twist to Link Campaigns

Standard, well-worn marketing techniques sometimes gain some polish when you rework them a bit. Everyone knows that happy customer testimonials are a valuable addition to your business marketing materials and your web site. Glowing comments from those who have had a good experience with your product or service are successful relationships with your customers and clients – publishing them on your web site shows visitors how successfully you have dealt with previous customers.

Linking Psychosis is Treatable. Link Obsession & PageRank

Search Engine Optimization has become inextricably linked with linking schemes over the last couple of years.

Affiliate Programs Worthless for 80% of Affiliate Marketers

No doubt you’ve heard of the 80/20 rule – which states that 20 percent of affiliates generate 80% of affiliate income, and conversely, remaining 80 percent of affiliates generate only 20 percent of all income for most affiliate programs.

Google Bombing or Incremental Tool for Search Engine Ranking?

I visited the WebProWorld forums and stumbled across a topic “New Google Bombing Technique” and was startled to see that the topic had been viewed over 22,000 times! It is by far the most active of the forums in the “Search Engine Insider Reports” section.

Sites Abandoned by Googlebot

As a search engine optimization specialist I often optimize existing web pages for small business clients, upload them to the site and see pages re-indexed by Google within a week.

Searches Performed : Lies and Statistics

Yahoo abruptly quit using Google as a search partner last week in a surprise move that has the search industry now scrambling for statistics to analyze and numbers to bandy about. I’d like to share some rarely discussed statistics and numbers with you here. First the numbers and stats from the press, then I’ll share a few of my own. Here are the stats that are getting the most attention for the Yahoo search story.

Affiliate University – How to Succeed as a Publisher Online Is Contextual Advertising About to Rock your World Wide Web?
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The role of a trusted third party to handle the complexities of affiliate marketing is a hotly contested market niche on the web. The players range from very large and complex (like LinkShare and beFree) to small programs for small business like MyAffiliateProgram.com & even affiliate tracking built into simple shopping cart software such as 1ShoppingCart.com.

Press Release SEO – Media Kit Linking Campaign
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Search Engine Optimization requires strategizing as well as optimizing for SEO firms seeking online visibility for their clients. Last month a client of our firm sought counsel on their web strategy for an already optimized site. We had tightened up their keywords, focused their content and appropriately titled each well crafted page.

Basics of Search Engine Submission in a Changed Search World

To Search Engine Optimizers, who submit client sites on a regular basis to the search engines, it can seem as though submitting sites via the standard forms at those sites is the most mundane and routine part of our jobs. It’s easy to forget the host of small business webmasters out there who do it themselves and need guidance through the maze of submission confusion.

Creative Commons Replacing Copyright?

Plagiarism is an issue that has always plagued writers online and those of us that offer our stuff for free are most at risk for this.

You’ve got an EXCELLENT Idea! Now What?

Q: How do I protect an idea before I do any thing else with it?

Google Drives 70% of all Web Traffic! Wake Up MSN, YAHOO!

A recent post in a discussion list suggested that Google is becoming the Microsoft of search (dominating web search as Microsoft dominates PC operating systems). So I decided to research a theory – one I’d developed about search engine traffic. I dug into the traffic stats on three of my own sites and those of several clients that I monitor traffic for.

Google Adsense Could Mean Death to Affiliate Programs!

The popular search engine, Google has introduced a dramatic new contextual advertising service called Adsense. This new program could mean death to affiliate programs on those web sites that qualify for the Adsense program. Why would Google advertising affect affiliate programs? Because Google is making Adsense ads available to smaller content rich sites.

How to Qualify for Google Adsense Contextual Advertising

Recently I wrote an article about Google Adsense contextual advertising innovation that was introduced by the popular search engine to allow “Content” web sites to profit from advertising. Suddenly it has become possible for those who have an intense interest in nearly any focused subject to gather information, resources and commentary to publish a profitable web site.