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SES: Schmidt on Privacy, Proprietary Algorithms

The sensitivity of search string data is suddenly on everyone’s mind due to news of the AOL data leak on a research site this week.

SES: SE Algorithms: Can you Please Them All?

Search engine specialists use to spend inordinate amounts of time creating pages that ranked well at just one search engine due to algorithmic weighting of known and very specific ranking factors.

SES: Google, Yahoo & MSN Research Laboratories

The Research Laboratories session at SES San Jose 2006 brought representatives from the top 3 engines to talk about how projects emerge from their labs to become actual search tools.

SES San Jose 2006: Leveraging Social Media

Attending morning SES (Search Engine Strategies) sessions after a 4am wake-up, airport crowds, public transit shuffles and schlepping luggage all morning – I was a bit cranky by the time I finally arrived at the San Jose Convention Center for morning sessions.

So please forgive my mood here, but the "Leveraging Social Search" session seemed a bit lightweight and without any solid suggestions for attendees.

Silly SEO Mistakes, Stumbles & Blunders of Ecommerce Webmasters

Web business owners commit some SEO & ranking gaffes, sometimes without even knowing what they’ve done. In the manner of a Letterman top ten list, I’d like to offer the worst in the hope that I can prevent you making the same mistakes.

Google Big Daddy SearchQuake About to Rumble Your Ranking?

Running ranking reports for clients is a standard part of an SEO’s job.

PageRank Panhandlers Beg Links on Street Corners – Get a Job!

I get a steady stream of link requests for three of my own sites and a half dozen others that I manage for clients. For about the last year, I’ve had a standard template reply that I send to all link panhandlers.

Live Up to Title – Involving the Audience

Search Engine Watch Forums Live! was promoted on the Jupiter Media JupiterEvents.com site like this: “This informal, half-day event offers attendees the opportunity to meet several moderators of the SearchEngineWatch Discussion Forums in person…

Avoid Duplicate Content Penalty on PPC Landing Pages!

There are recent posts in marketing forums worrying over “duplicate content” penalties concerns when creating pages intended as Pay-Per-Click landing pages. First a couple of definitions:

Torpedo and Sink the Ship SS Search Engine Rankings

I was recently contacted by one of my best clients who asked me what I thought of his decision to make a major change to one of his highly ranked pages.

Article Marketing Shams and Linking Shills in Web Content

It’s stunning sometimes how far article marketing has come over the last few years as an effective means of promoting business through educational articles.

Rock Your Rank With A Dynamite Text Link at Yahoo Directory

Last week a client called me excitedly exclaiming that their Google PageRank had jumped a notch and their targeted keyword term now ranked #23 (up from #45) for their competitive search phrase.

Search Engine Spiders Lost Without Guidance – Post This Sign!

Robots.txt Signpost Warns Trespassers From Private Property

Bugaboos of Article Marketing in Web Content Management Systems (CMS)

One of the most common blunders by those using article marketing to distribute free reprint articles is to include periods after domain names at the end of sentences.

Web Content Barn Blasted by Shotgun Software by Article Marketers

As we prepared to move our 12,000 article database from one server to another and make a serious business of it, instead of the formerly free service, hosted on free servers and delivered by free email accounts, we took a serious look around at the article marketing business as well as the paid web content business to see what others were doing and test theories about the value of web content.

Article Marketing Fox in the Competitor Hen House – Or Chicken Little?

I recently was asked by an author to remove a free content article from a client web site where we had posted it (with several others from different authors) to increase topical relevancy at a site that fit the article perfectly.

Release from Google Sandbox Only to Search the Playground

The Google Sandbox Effect has been discussed at length in our case study of a new website first crawled in May by Googlebot.

Yahoo, MSN, Google Lost in a Sandbox

Seventy-two days ago Googlebot first showed up and crawled over 250 pages of a brand new domain in an experiment that has had an odd cartoonish character to it, where unexplained things happen with sometimes dark foreboding, a kind of Fantasia online.

Big Sandbox for Google, AskJeeves & Yahoo. MSN Indexes Quickest

Listing delays that have come to be called the Google Sandbox effect are actually true in practice at each of four top tier search engines in one form or another.

Playing in Googlebot’s Sandbox with Slurp, Teoma & MSNbot Spiders Display Distinctly Differing Personalities

There has been endless webmaster speculation and worry about the so-called “Google Sandbox” – the indexing time delay for new domain names – rumored to last for at least 45 days from the date of first “discovery” by Googlebot. This recognized listing delay came to be called the “Google Sandbox effect.”

40 Million Credit Cards Hacked – YOU as Identity Theft Victim

Saturday, MasterCard blamed a vendor of ALL credit card providers called CardSystems Solutions, Inc., a third-party processor of payment card data, as the source of loss of 40 million consumers credit card information.

Search Ranked #1 for “Invisible Entrepreneurs” But No Traffic?

I am ranked #1 for that silly phrase at Google. So What?

You Cannot Hide From Public Record Search Engines
· 2

As a search engine optimization specialist, I often run across search engines of different sorts than most people are aware of.

Cult of Linking Needs Exorcist to Cast Out Linking Demons!

Have you ever known someone who has blind faith to a religous sect or self-improvement group and has been taken in by a charismatic leader? The devotion to the cause is seemingly blind and support in donated time or financial contribution exceeds all reason?