About Mikael Bergkvist

Current occupation: Developer for, and part owner of Naltabyte AB. Main interest: Women, XML, logic and comics, in any given order. Previous work: Not computer-related, more of logic & art, also written a comic or two.;-) Previous articles: developersdex.com & AspToday.com, (scripting/'Quick & dirty e-learning') Currently doing: A version of Liquid for the multimedia/developer/design-application MioFactory 2.1, ( http://www.mioplanet.com ) and preparing Liquid 3, which will launch in a few days. By the way: Unless you noticed already, Liquid now installs itself permanently as a plugin for IE5x.
Liquid Markup

Liquid was created because there was no markup language available to create sophisticated interactive animations that could be displayed in a web browser. * If you don’t know anything about scripting, but have a basic understanding of HTML, you will still be able to use Liquid to create both sophisticated presentations and all kinds of 2D games.