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Michelle Dunn is the author of "Starting Your Own Collection Agency" and "MAD Collection Letters and Forms." Visit her site at http://www.madagency.com or her online credit and collections community at www.credit-and-collections.com.
How To Collect Your Healthcare Receivables
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How can you, the professional healthcare provider, improve your return on receivables and help ensure that your practice continues to be profitable?

Telephone Collection Tips
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Advantages & Tips for Collecting by Telephone

Inexpensive – Compared to personal visits and individually typed letters

Immediate – Produces some sore of answer the moment the contact is made

How To Avoid Bad Checks

The Do’s of Check Acceptance:

Name address and phone number imprinted.

Current date only.

Compare ID picture with that of the person cashing or writing the check.

Tips for easy credit forms for businesses

If your business extends credit to its customers, you probably use different forms and notices. Here are four reasons why your forms should be simple and easy to understand: