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Advertising is a Numbers Game

Ted Turner once said, “Early to bed and early to rise, work like hell and advertise.” While the first part of that equation is probably the one I follow the least (sleepless nights working the web are just too many to count), there is an immense truth behind it all. To survive and thrive in today’s hypercompetitive online world, one has to both work hard and advertise — which are in my estimation two key ingredients of continued online business success.

How to Present Products Persuasively

When you meet people for the first time and introduce yourself, what do you usually say? If you’re like most people, you might say: “Hi, my name is Michel Fortin and I’m a marketing consultant” or “my name is John Doe, I sell vitamins on the Internet” (or whatever it is you do). These are called elevator speeches. But if we examine these typical elevator speeches a little closer, you can see how such introductions will be easily forgotten if not ignored.

The Top Seven Mistakes Websites Make
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Throughout my research, I’m always surprised when I stumble onto websites that seem to offer great products and services but lack or fail in certain important elements — elements that, with just a few short changes, can help multiply the results almost instantaneously. Generally, I have found that there are seven common mistakes that these sites make.

A Match Made in Cyberspace

Along with starting a business on the web comes many new issues that were once nonexistent in the physical world. In addition to the possible infringement of trademarks, copyrights and international laws, floodgates to an overabundance of risks have literally been smashed wide open.

How to Name a Product, Service or Company

Today, it is an understatement to say that we are constantly bombarded with information of nuclear proportions. The roles of both the consumer and the entrepreneur have become so immensely challenging that choosing a business from which to buy — let alone being and remaining in business — has become a dizzying process. Therefore, how does one survive let alone thrive in today’s explosive hypercompetitive, overcommunicated marketplace?

How to Target Your Most Profitable Market

If you already solve a specific problem, then targeting your market as much as possible should be the obvious next step. However, this is where many marketers fail, for they are trying to be “all things to all people” and attempt to market their product to everyone. Instead, try to discover the demographics and psychographics of your niche — your specific (or greatest) market. Then market to that audience more than any other and as often as possible.

How to Write a Persuasive News Release

The most profitable and often overlooked free publicity generator is the news release. News releases are not only great marketing tools but also far more credible and believable than advertising since they appear to come from an objective third party. All too often, however, business owners view news releases as a form of advertising. If you’re guilty of this, the media will most likely tell you that you should have called the advertising department instead.

How to Drive Traffic With Domain Names

In my consulting practice, I teach my clients about the tremendous importance of communicating credibility. In an overcommunicated, overmarketed society, credibility has become increasingly vital. To a prospect that is receiving your marketing materials for the first time, your company may have little or no believability because you may well be totally unknown to your prospect. Along with the growth of online scams, the hypercompetitive nature of the Internet will make credibility an even more important issue.

How to Increases Sales With Follow-Ups

Have you ever been lucky enough to receive those nice letters from collection agencies? In addition to being persistent on the phone, collection agents are known to be terribly effective when their efforts are combined with a series of letters that seem to be as equally relentless.

Why Word-of-Mouth Works Wonders

Viral marketing is the process of implementing means through which the knowledge of your existence self-propagates. Like a virus, your visibility spreads throughout a network of people who refer you to each other. Unlike unsolicited advertisements or “spam,” which usually stops once it reaches its destination (and the reason spammers must keep spamming in order to remain successful), viral marketing continues to spread almost effortlessly since the people who refer you to others know each other. Also, those who get to know you (or to know about you) through third party referrals grant you a higher level of confidence, credibility and loyalty.

Don’t be the Best Be the First!

An Article Inspired By The “Law Of Leadership” From My Two Favorite Marketing Mentors, Jack Trout and Al Ries.

How to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Online, I believe business success is certainly easier to achieve than its brick-and-mortar version. It’s not a free ride and it definitely requires some time let alone work. But on the web, I also believe that one can easily — as that famous clich goes — work smarter instead of harder.

How to Use “Upwords” to Increase Response

I once took a media communications course in which I discovered an interesting example of the way the mind works. As part of a given lesson, a videotape was shown of a televised newscast during which a journalist was about to give a live report on a forest fire that was devastating the mid-west. The news anchor in the television newsroom said: “We now take you to Sally Smith — she’s in the station’s helicopter flying above the scene of the fire.”

How to Reap Relative Rewards With Referrals

A recent issue of Global Internet Marketing News (http://linz1.net/GIM.html) reported an interested piece on how word-of-mouth advertising is statistically getting more nods from the online business community let alone the marketplace. Entitled “Word-of-Mouth Drives E-commerce,” the article pulled some interesting facts from a recent three-part study.

Using the Usually Unused Usenet
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When it comes to promoting an ebusiness, there are many other components of the online world that can also help to effectively bring traffic to one’s site — and some that are often ignored by most marketers. Aside from the Internet, newsgroups are discussion-centered bulletin boards and part of what is called the Usenet, the predecessor of today’s Internet.

How to Energize Your Marketing With Colors

I was once asked this question: “In relation to colors on a web site, have you done any research or found any material on what colors are more pleasing to the site visitor, or even what colors tend to produce more sales?” I believe this could be an important area that many of us overlook. Here’s my answer.

Traffic’s Nice… But Who’s Driving?

In the competitive marketplace of the new millennium, the demand for specialized products or services will increase. If your site sells everything or to everyone, chances are that your audience will not perceive a value in shopping from you any greater than from anyone else. Keep in mind that price is *never* an issue — it is the value behind the price that is.

Carve Your Niche By Dominating One

I was recently interviewed by a print magazine about niche marketing. In it, I offered several tips and ideas on how to carve a niche in the marketplace. Here are a few of them:

How to Market to and Through the Media

While publicity is the most powerful promotional tool there is (since it is more impacting, more far-reaching, and far more credible than advertising), it is the one that is the least effectively used. Too often, for example, business owners view a news release as a form of advertising.

How to Build Your Business With Discussions

Bulletin boards, message boards, and discussion groups are excellent and often overlooked marketing tools. They can be quite effective because they help develop relationships with prospects and customers. From building customer loyalty to providing customer assistance, participating in group discussions or even moderating your own can help you build an excellent reputation with, and significant business from, discussion group members.

Diversify Your (Marketing) Portfolio

When I hear marketers talk about new search engine strategies, optimization techniques, submission software and review fees, it befuddles me to see there are still some web marketers out there who rely heavily on them. Search engine strategies are important and an essential part of a marketer’s portfolio, but they are not, and should never be, the ONLY source of traffic.

What In The World Is A Widget?

Yesterday, as I was watching television (which is a very rare occurrence), a public service announcement for National Parks Canada was aired. The 30-second “commercial” centered on how to protect oneself from dangerous animals often found in Canada’s wilderness — namely bears and wolves. The commercial particularly targeted youngsters, such as summer-camp kids.

Sense of Security Secures Sales

Sometimes, people ask me about security or liability issues online. I do teach some of the realities in my college courses, but I’m far from being an expert in this field and I always recommend checking with a competent, legal professional in every case. But here are some of my thoughts …

Want a Sticky Site That Sells? Forget Content!

An interesting debate is currently raging among copywriters, web designers and content developers about the differences, if any, between writing copy for the web versus writing content.