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Does Your Copy Have Personality?

Some people like hypey copy, while others prefer cold copy. Some people like short copy, while others prefer long. Some people drama, stories and testimonials. Others data, statistics and facts.

3 Tips For Magnetizing Your Copy

The difference between good copy and great copy is the number of actions it generates. The more actions the copy drives, the greater the copy is.

Are Long Copy Salesletters Scams?

A passionate debate is currently raging in the Copywriters Forum about long versus short copy. (If you haven’t joined, do so. Click the “register” link the top. It’s free. There are tons of tips from other very successful copywriters.)

Hits, Clickthroughs or Unique Visitors?

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding website traffic. Tracking visitors is often done with many different yardsticks, which vary tremendously from person to person and site to site, not to mention from marketing effort to marketing effort. However, these differences can often be quite misleading, especially for the would-be advertiser and aspiring Internet marketer. And today there is far more involved in the process than that to which most would tend to give credence. So how does one make sense of it all?

Common Sense Consensual Marketing

One of the things most if not all Internet marketers come across at least once in their lives is “spam.” Whether they’ve used it, contemplated it, rallied against it, or received it, the deceptively appealing nature of unsolicited commercial email as well as the gut-wrenching, mind-numbing, nerve-racking person-hours it takes to manage spam makes it the most detested form of online marketing. But the question remains: Why is it still being used?

The Importance Of “The Ad For The Ad”

“Top-of-mind awareness” is not exclusive to marketing in general. It also applies to an advertisement’s headline. Many people use boring or unappealing headlines for their ads, and it surprises me when I see many ads with headlines that do not communicate a precise, immediate, and direct benefit. While such ads do not generate the response nor the business for which they were intended, the headline and not the ad may be to blame.

Blend Bullets and Benefits to Boost Buyers

One of the greatest tools used by top copywriters is a little known secret that can multiply your response ratio. It’s the use of bullets within your marketing copy. Bullets are captivating, short and sweet, intriguing, and pleasing to the eye. But most important, they reinforce the offer, deliver straight-to-the-point benefits, and are clustered for greater impact.

Make Your Benefits Clear!

The process to which is often referred as “institutional” marketing can be extremely seductive, particularly to the small businessperson since it is intoxicatingly flattering to the ego. Small businesses often attempt to copy their larger corporate nemeses in an effort to create strong brands through relatively smaller marketing budgets. Such a tactic unfortunately requires a long period of time and repetitive advertising in order for it to work.

How to Carve Your Niche in the Marketplace

In today’s hypercompetitive marketplace, long gone are the days of mere prospecting and crafty (and often misleading) sales tactics using 1,001 approaches to “close the deal.” Due to the information revolution, prospects are now more informed, more educated, and incredibly more sophisticated than ever before. Using a plethora of techniques such as these are no longer effective — or in the very least, they are not as effective as they used to be.

Design Your Online Success

Website design has always been a fascinating area for me — not entirely in the realm of graphics but also of flow, navigation, appearance, and content. I love to surf the web almost exclusively to learn about different feels and flavors. In the process of doing so, it amazes me to see how some sites appear smooth, professional, and refined, while others smack of being put together horrendously quick — even when the company is reputably of high quality.

How to Make Your Phone Number Memorable

When people decide to buy from you or to at least inquire further, your contact information may not be in front of them at that specific point in time. Therefore, they’ll probably want to avoid the hassle of having to look you up. They will try to skip the inconvenience of searching for your contact information by, among other things, asking others if they happen to know.

How to Generate Better Leads

A big mistake businesses often make when they market themselves is the fact that many try to sell directly in every communication they produce. And, as a result, they generate huge amounts of “prospects” that lead to little or no business (or what I call “expects”). They think that by selling themselves right in the ad they will get not only an immediate response but also immediate business. This oftentimes backfires and can even take away customers.

How to Increase Sales With Payment Options

In today’s fast-paced world, ecommerce is growing at an explosive rate and most ebusinesses know that offering visitors the ability to buy online is becoming essential. The Internet is a direct marketer’s paradise — no, make that an impulsive shopper’s paradise. And when customers can buy on impulse and do so in the privacy and convenience of their own homes or offices, the likelihood that more sales will be generated will definitely be higher.

How to Maximize Your Visibility

For a business to survive and thrive in this hypercompetitive world, there are some tools that are considered absolutely essential. These tools, which I call support systems, include search engines, directories, and particularly the yellow pages. However, they are often misused because most businesses misinterpret them as advertising mediums. They are not.

The Greatest Marketing Secret of All Time

If there is something about which I am pretty adamant, it’s the concept of attracting clients that are pre-qualified and willing to do business. And this involves many different things, but most of it comes down to three core practices:

How to Increase Hits With Traffic Generators

If you don’t maintain a key presence online, whether your business is online or offline, your competition will devour you. Because the marketplace has become hypercompetitive and supersophisticated, access to information as vast and as fast as the worldwide web is all the more reason to market your company in cyberspace let alone to put your company in it.

Compel Customers to Propel Sales

Surfers are shopping online more and more and the greatest determinant in what will help them increase their willingness to buy is the ease, confidence, and speed with which they’ll be able to shop. Therefore, merely “being” online is no longer adequate — a business must also sell to, transact with, and deliver its product to its customers persuasively and promptly.

How to Create Powerful Strategic Alliances

I truly hate networking. Really, I do! I hate it because, in my experience, it hasn’t brought me anything substantial in return. But wait a minute, hear me out. Networking isn’t a bad concept; far from it. With today’s highly competitive environment, networking can be a fantastic marketing tool. Referral-sources can become potentially effective in bringing you business.

How to Make Your Name Stick

In our overcommunicated society, we are constantly bombarded with messages that seem to be just one big blur of sameness. Limited by society’s very short attention span, your marketing message has to be effective to the degree that it must communicate its essence and create top-of-mind awareness within an extremely short amount of time. Names are often the best tools — and sometimes the only ones — for accomplishing this efficiently.

How to Multiply Your Marketing Like a Virus

The big talk on the Internet these days is about “Melissa” and its copycat versions, such as “I Love You.” No, it’s not an adult oriented website or some new software game but a virus. And the devious (or perhaps even brilliant) way it works is that, after opening the email attachment, it sends more virus-infected emails to the first fifty people in your address book without your knowledge.

Negative Bytes Can Come Back and Bite You

As most of my business is found through referrals, I received a call from a company that was referred to me by someone at the college where I teach marketing management. They were looking specifically for help in the area of ecommerce (i.e., SQL database programming, shopping cart software, and notably merchant account set-up, which is in my estimation a more daunting task here in Canada when compared to the American banking system).

How to Close Sales in The New Millennium

Are you a salesperson? Do you “close” sales? Are you often playing psychological tug-of-war with your clients? Most of us do. I did that for the greater part of my sales career. From the “assumptive close,” the “trial close,” right down to the famous “Benjamin Franklin close,” I’ve used quite a few of them if not all of the tricks in the book. However, things have changed.

How to Get People Into Your Site and Respond

Like a newspaper as well as any direct response marketing process, a web site’s front page must captivate its audience and cause them to read further. It must first grab a reader’s attention and then lead them to a specific outcome. However, when the mechanics of that very first page are ignored, it causes visitors to click out of a site from the moment they arrive.

How to Use Guarantees to Increase Sales

While the greater portion of my career has been in business development consulting and speaking, I have spent many years in direct marketing and three years on the Web. My favorite marketing “guru” is Dan Kennedy, often dubbed “The Millionaire Maker” (see http://www.DanKennedy.com). And if there is one lesson that he teaches from which I derive the most profitable results in my direct marketing efforts, one of many from a system he calls “Magnetic Marketing,” is the awesome power behind the use of guarantees.