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Michael Stolarczyk is currently Senior Director, of Business Development for Exel in their Westerville, Ohio General Office for the Americas. He is also on the Board of Advisors for West Virginia Universitys School of Business.

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3PL Defined – Back to Basics in 2007
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Organizations want to develop products for global markets. At the same time, they need to source material globally to be competitive.

SCM Success Through Multiple Transportation Modes

Are you considering using an inland port instead of the usual coastal port?

Intelligent Logistics or Just Good Old Common Sense?

What does the word ‘Intelligent’ suggest when used in conjunction with Logistics? It connotes “smart,” foresight-driven, sensory, responsive, and adaptive Logistics.

SCM Savings: People, Process, and Productivity

Okay, yes, I know…this is going to sound like a broken record…

Fiscal Visibility in Supply Chain = Money Saved

The globalization of commerce has made sophisticated logistics technology not just a luxurious expense for the Global Fortune 500, but a necessity for companies of all sizes and in all industries.

Logistics Costs and Bean Counting Don’t Add Up!

Does you company actually have true fiscal visibility throughout the supply chain? Many claim they do…very few really do…what should you do?