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Google Voice Is The Voicemail For The Internet

Google just announced a new service called Google Voice (click here for Mashable’s story).  According to Mashable:

Honoring The Fallen Of 9/11


I remember waking up to the news of tower one crashing down.

I remember watching those brave men with fire hoses rushing up the stairs of tower two.

I remember bodies falling from smoke filled windows.

Writers May Have Some Trouble with New Word

Have you had trouble opening Word files lately?

If you’re like me, you get these Word docs that end with .docx and can do nothing with the file.

This makes it real hard to operate as a writer or editor of white papers.

For the first time in many years, it seems that Microsoft if forcing those of us with older versions of Word to upgrade.

What gives Bill?

Landing Pages and Spoken Words

Can you couple audio with white paper landing pages and improve online registrations?

Read on to find the answer.

I was recently hosting a teleclass with lead generation expert Brian Carroll. One of the attendees asked about marketing strategies with white papers.

Brian brought up an idea I had not heard and frankly I think it is brilliant. He said:

Getting Strangers to Talk About YOU, Godin’s Way

Are you trying to get some attention? Not a simple task these days…

Some of the world’s smartest people keep their secrets tight to their chest.

Not Seth Godin. Seth is full of marketing genius and you can learn a bunch by watching him.

One of his new ventures is called Squidoo.

Marketing & White Paper Revelations

White papers continue to reign as the supreme source of information for technology professionals, however many businesses are sorely missing the mark.

These are some of the key take home messages of a new study by CMO Council and TechTarget, entitled Technology Buying and Media Consumption Benchmarking Survey.

Make Your Words Captivate

Does the thought of writing give you a sinking feeling? Do you find yourself falling asleep at the keyboard?

What follows are ten unique tips to boost the clarity of your written words.

“Why should I care?,” you say?

Leading Bloggers Gather and Share Secrets

Let’s face it folks, blogging is hard work.

While working on an article about the dark side of blogging, I was delighted to see that some really successful bloggers are separating from their keyboards and coming together to share their tips, strategies and encourage one another.

Study Shows Marketing Power of White Papers

White papers bring great value to those seeking them, according to a major study of more than 4,000 business-to-business marketing and business professionals.

This is especially true in the technology world, where white papers are one of the leading sources of lead generation.

Lessons From a Well-Crafted White Paper

If you write white papers, you will want to take note of what I am about to say.

Every once and a while I come across a simply excellent white paper.

Capturing Skim Readers

I’m busy, you’re busy.

So are the folks that are reading your words.

Whether you write white papers, articles or blog entries, it is important to meet the needs of the skimmer.

Should we Kill the Term “White Paper”?
Does using the words “white paper” create a negative picture in your mind?

Is the term overused?

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of teaching a teleclass with Bob Bly, an author of more than 70 books on writing and marketing.

One student asked the question, “Does it always make sense to call a white paper a white paper?

This is a very good and important question. It spawns a number of other questions.

Bob’s answer was, “I don’t like using the term white paper.”

Worthless Expert Interviews

Have you ever set aside time to interview an expert for a project, only to realize that the person you are speaking with knows absolutely nothing?

I was recently on a call with one of my clients for a white paper project.

An outside “expert” was brought onto the call.

I began asking my questions.